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Money and Blaming Whites Not A Remedy For Black Unemployment

Black Muslim front group in Chicago blames whites for the ills of blacks.

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The Black Star Project is a Black Muslim front group in Chicago that trades upon blaming government and specifically whites as being responsible for the ills of blacks. Equipped with the usual accusations, and a complete dismissal of personal responsibility for bad decision making, they reason that the solution to black problems lies with sizable pecuniary investments into their group. All this under the guise of so-called “black education.”

Ignore for the moment that according to “blackdom” the greatest community organizer since Satan himself, i.e., Obama, came out of Chicago. That said, in his eight years in the White House and his time in Congress Obama did nothing for “blacks” in Chicago. Albeit he did blame the body count from gangbangers and hoodlums on mythical vanloads of guns being surreptitiously brought into Chicago by white people from Indiana. But I digress.

The group’s website recently referenced an article by Michael Lucci titled: “Illinois Ended 2016 With Highest Black Unemployment Rate Of Any State.” (3/2/2017) Apparently, blacks killing blacks isn’t recognized as employment in government employment statistical data. Sarcasm intended.

From said article they state: “The article…is only part of the story. 89% of 16- to 19-year-old young Black men in Chicago are not working. 43% of 20-to 24-year-old young Black men in Chicago are not working. Only 7% of 8th-grade Black boys in Chicago read at a proficient level. Black people have a harder time finding jobs in Illinois than in any other state in the country. Chicago had 762 murders and 4331 shootings in 2016, mostly young Black men killing young Black men, many because of the economics and violence associated with drug dealing. Few people or organizations or foundations or government agencies are working on solutions to these issues.”

The group like every one of its kind, including the federal government, which has no Constitutional authority to be involved in the education process to begin with, begins its dialogue from flawed and fallacious suppositions.

Every one of their so-called remedies flows from a narrative based upon skin color juxtaposed from a narrative of propriety, personal responsibility, and the consequences of bad decisions.

I contend, and nothing dissuades me, that the remedy to the problems regurgitated in Lucci’s article will never be found as long as skin color is the focus. Quoting George Kelly from his book on Personal Construct Theory: “Psychological disorder is any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation,” i.e., repeating the same action(s) failure after failure is a psychological disorder and in this instance an abuse of taxpayer dollars as well.

My argument is based upon empirical evidence and unimpeachable facts. They argue skin color as the primary causal factor for the failings of so many blacks. They seek as remedy for failings everything but behavioral modification.

Dr. Walter Williams once wrote: “The best way not to be poor is to not have children before you can afford them.” That means not having multiple children out of wedlock with no job and no means to provide for them. Dr. Williams also wrote: “The best way not to be poor was to finish school and learn a marketable trade.” That doesn’t happen by hanging on corners and exercising bad decision making that guarantees bad consequences.

Black women in massively disproportionate numbers have children out of wedlock, which leads to dysfunctional homes? This pattern has been replicated generation after generation to the point that dysfunction is the accepted norm.

If simply being poor was conducive to a life of gangs, drug dealing, killing, ad nauseum, with America’s poverty rate being 14.3 percent, the approximate 43.1 million poor people would be criminals.

I submit that “Occam’s razor” is the better philosophical reasoning approach to remedy than blaming whites and skin color. “Occam’s razor” put succinctly, states that when there exists two explanations for an occurrence, the simpler explanation is usually better. In other words, the more potential assumptions you create, the more unlikely an explanation is to be correct and/or workable.

Specific to that point, the message that should be going forth is one that defines sexual responsibility as abstinence. The message that should be going forth is that it’s not about the color of skin it is about priorities and proper behavior. The message that goes forth should not be encased in skin color and exhibited by a chip on the shoulder, it should be about reading books and renouncing the “booty culture.”

That which I have said not only factually works, with my family and friends being proof of same, but it doesn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. In fact it saves taxpayers money because they are not paying for the consequences of bad decisions. But that also means groups like the one mentioned herein, wouldn’t be able to prostitute skin color for political and pecuniary gain.

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