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Saturday, November 25, 2017

What is it With the Swedes? Part II

By Rich Kozlovich

June 20th, 2013 I ran an article entitled, What is it With the Swedes? saying:
What is it with Scandinavians?  Are they trying to make up for having been Vikings?  If so, they need to get over it, because that was a long, long time ago, and I really don't think the rest of us care, but that is the only explanation I can come up with to explain their strange views.
I went on to outline a brutal gang rape of a 15 year old Swedish girl by six Muslim youths, and how it was handled and how immigration has made Scandinavian countries the rape capitals of the world, saying....
life can be really hard, but it's even harder when you’re stupid. I don't know who chooses these people as leaders, but anyone who is in a leadership position and takes these rapes so lightly should be embarrassed to be seen publicly. These leaders are who are to blame for this because they have allowed a religious culture that is militantly criminal in its teachings - Islam - to run rampant within their nation.  
That was almost four and a half years ago - has anything changed?

On 22 Nov 2017 Chris Tomlinson published an article, Residents of the Swedish city of Oskarshamn will now have the option to be accompanied by armed police officers while out jogging saying:
Oskarshamn police inspector Peter Karlsson said the programme was designed to ease the insecurities of those who wish to go jogging after dark. Karlsson, who came up with the idea for the programme, said police would form jogging groups and all those who were interested in joining the officers were welcome, SVT reports.
Why do they need a police escort to jog?  "Karlsson said that he had heard of many residents feeling insecure in the city", in fact the article went on to say:
"Close to half of women in Sweden felt “very unsafe” at night alone in Swedish cities. According to the report, conducted by newspaper Aftonbladet, a further 43 per cent felt uncomfortable in Swedish cities even in the daytime."   
"The issue is particularly bad in troubled heavily migrant-populated suburbs which are often labelled no-go zones." 
"A survey conducted by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BrĂ¥) claimed that around half of the residents of problem areas were too afraid to leave their homes in the evenings." 
"The Moderate party even proposed deploying the military in no-go areas to aid police."
No-go areas?  Areas where ethnic Swedes are afraid to go, including the police! And who are these immigrants controlling these "no-go" areas.  Muslims! 

In Sweden you have to be careful what you say about this situation.  It can be determined by Swedish authorities what you've truthfully stated is hate speech - and you can be prosecuted making one time Vikings a nation of spineless male Swedes.
One person facetiously said perhaps the government can come up with a good slogan like,  "Just say no to rape"!  Or declare certain areas - "Rape Free Zones!"  Of course they could just ban blonds in Sweden because blonds are responsible for this uncontrollable impulse in Muslims to rape.  See, it isn't the fault of these criminals belonging to a criminal organization masquerading as a religion.  It's the fault of Swedish blonds.  Especially those who aren't covered from head to toe and escorted by a male relative.  So, here's the solution.  It's high time the Swedes abandon all concepts about what it means to be a Swede and become.....Muslims.   But that doesn't explain what to do about the young boys who are raped?
Commenters on this article state the following:
  • 3,430 rapes in first 6 months of 2017, 43% of victims are children up to 17 years old.  Rapists get only a few months of jail time
  • Not only Sweden and Norway. Same thing all over Europe. Finland, another Nordic country and Sweden's neighbor, and Austria are the only European countries with little migration.  Sweden, my country, is terrible! Bad governments, first a Conservative led government, now a centrist Social Democrat led government with the little stupid Green Party.
  • I was chatting with a Swedish family at the beach. They were highly amused that a man from Chicago was concerned for their safety in Sweden. I was thinking, " give it time lady, give it time". Islam is cancer.
  • But the media will never show the dead Swedish children (nor dead Nice children), like the way they plastered photos of the dead Syrian boy on the beach.
  • There are many no-go zones in Sweden, where cop cars get attacked. Fire trucks and ambulances need police escort to go into them. Don't expect the lying leftist media (both American and Swedish) to report this.
  • The irony is that the Swedes think that the young migrants will eventually support the aging Swedes. The reverse is happening. Sweden had to borrow money because of all the money they are spending to support the 90%+ of unemployed migrants.
  • On top of this, add the costs for housing, education, and healthcare; which brings the amount close to the sum mentioned by Mr. Schelling. But this sum is surely going to increase in the future and here’s why.
  • Denmark: 450% more crimes committed by Muslims then non-Muslims.
  • Germany: Muslim migrants committed 142, 500 crimes in 6 months. This is 780 every day.
  • Sweden: 480,000 sexual assaults in one year.
  • They are in denial. I talked with someone from Sweden last summer who said the problem is with gangs not immigrants.
  • But Islam is constructed to churn out career arseholes ad infinitum. The ONLY solution is a World ban on Islam in any form.
  • My sympathy for these European cowards has long since vanished. If they want to turn over their country to 7th century Muslim barbarians, I couldn't care less.
  • These metrosexualized fools will try every trick in the proverbial book, except the only two that will work......1. Kick them out.  2. Don't let them in.

And this one I find particularly interesting.....
  • Why do I carry a gun? Because carrying a cop is too heavy.  The Swedes have decided to go the other way.
I've been posting articles about this for years with a bit of dismay at that fact all these problems in Sweden with violence and rape is directly connected to their immigration policies involving Muslims, and it's not just in Sweden.   It's a worldwide problem with Muslims, including creating a massive welfare problem that will bankrupt them even sooner than their socialist schemes. 

Here are just a few articles I've posted since 2013 about Muslims and what happens when Islam infests a people.
Western countries are being led down an insane path to attain something called "multiculturalism", a formula designed to destroy western Judaic/Christian culture by leftist elitists. Why is that so hard to grasp? But this 'seeming' inability in their failure to grasp reality is not an accident, it's clearly deliberate.

Sweden's leaders, the media and their cultural elite are turning these wolves out to feed on the flock they are supposed to shepherd and protect.  As some point there's going to be an uprising by the common people triggering untold violence. 

The answer?  Declare Islam what it really is - a violent terrorist criminal movement masquerading as a religion.  Eliminate immigration from any nation ruled or controlled by Muslims.  Keep them poor, keep them unarmed as much as possible and keep them over there.

I can hear the screams of outrage even now from readers.   But when Ferdinand and Isabella finally defeated the Muslim armies in Spain in 1492 they decided to kick out the Jews immediately and keep the Muslims because they thought they would blend in with Spanish society.  Fools!  They had to kick out the Muslims ten years later and lost the Sephardic Jews who would have blended and contributed.   Muslims do not contribute - they take from the infidel -  because that's what the Koran teaches, and that's what's happening all over Europe. 

Because of Europe's stupid leftist policies, especially their multiculturalism immigration policies, we're looking at, The Death of Europe Islam and Leftism.  Cancers that destroy every society they infect.

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