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Monday, November 20, 2017

Robert Mueller Is the Cover-Up

By James Lewis November 19, 2017

Now don't get me wrong: I'm sure all these brave men (or persons, I should say) made great contributions to the safety and welfare of all of us. But here they are at the peak of their careers, each one of them, and Democrat candidate Hillary is suddenly exposed to the world with her email fiasco as SecState. Violating the very first rule of intelligence and statecraft, to protect your country's secrets. And she obviously sold secret and sensitive information to Clinton Foundation "donors" around the world, including old friend Vladimir Putin (who now owns 20 percent of U.S. uranium, or possibly more), the Muslim Brotherhood (friends of Huma), the Iranians (who sponsor half the terror attacks in the world), the Chinese (who want more of our secret high tech), and probably the French (who understand bribery and just wanted to get access to Hillary as POTUS).

We've seen how Bill sold U.S. rocket-launching secrets to the Chinese for campaign money...or personal money. It's so hard to tell the difference............. So Hillary has violated any number of laws all of her adult life........yet the Axis of NYT-WaPo tells us that Donald Trump is just suspected of nefarious dealings with the Russians, which presumably caused the Russians to break into Hillary's ridiculous emails and the DNC file system, sending truthful (but wicked) information to WikiLeaks, to be dumped at strategic moments of the election campaign.

Notice well that nobody claims that the Hillary dumps were false. They were true enough. That's why they hate Trump and his imaginary Russian sources. It's the truth that hurt Hillary............. The obvious kicker in all this is that Robert Mueller is part and parcel of the Hillary Cover-Up...............Read more

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