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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sandra Fluke: ‘‘I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by a Republican’’

By Rich Kozlovich

I recently stumbled on a DUH PROGRESSIVE articles by D’Leereeus Johnson, DP Assistant Editor that appeared on Tuesday, May 13 2014, and I thought it worth a look with these questions: 

Do you remember Sandra Fluke? Do you remember she ran for public office in California? Do you know why she lost - badly?   Do you know where she is today and why?

Bob Miller of Joshua Pundit writes: Fluke may have put the nail in her campaign when in 2014 right after the 200 Chibok girls were kidnapped and enslaved by Boko Haram, Miss Looney Tunes said during a radio interview with KCRW host Madeleine Brand stated that:
“I must say that as dire and barbaric as these Boko militants in Nigeria seem, we have to remember that if these girls are released and come to America as political refugees, they could end up working for Republican lawmakers here in California or in Washington, or end up living in a Red state in the South, which would no doubt make them wish they were still in the clutches of militant al-Qaeda-linked rapist terrorists.” 
As unsurprisingly liberal as NPR and KCRW are in their politics, even host Madeleine Brand was taken aback by Fluke’s response, reiterating her question:  
“You mean that you would prefer that these girls be held in bondage and sold as sex slaves rather than live in a Republican state in the U.S., or work on a Republican politician’s staff?”  
“Or worse, they could live in Utah!” quickly replied Fluke. “You know they have arranged marriages in Utah, and an only 10-child-per-family policy? Utah has the Great Salt Lake, too. Salt is bad for you, it makes your blood pressure rise and leads to heart disease. That’s very unhealthy. And who likes unhealthy people? – Republicans! …I think that the kidnapped girls in Nigeria would find themselves in even a worse situation here being around Republicans than they’re in right now.” 
“…I’ve heard the reports of rape and sex slavery by the (Boko Haram) group, but it still does not rise to the level of conservatives and Republicans here who want to make women have to pay for their birth control or abortions, no matter what stage of the pregnancy they’re in. And really, as far as sex and being the ‘subject of controlling men’ is concerned, I’d rather be a captive Nigerian girl than touched by Republican. …At least the Muslim extremists are upfront about what they want to do, where as Republicans must lie about their despotic plans for the female race.”
So now you know what she lost her election and probably all political ambitions and has chosen to stay an activst.  That way she can still be out there spewing out logical fallacies, filtered facts and general nonsense because she's just like all leftist activists - irrational and dumb and dirt. 

What amazes me is how even Californians feel that way about her also.  How lefty stupid do you have to be so that even Califoanians to see it?   Just check out Sandra Fluke.   

However, I think we all owe Sandra a vote of thanks for two things.  One, she can give all the rest of us confidence that if she's for it - we need to be against it.  Secondly, this proves you can't fix stupid!

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