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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sorry, lefties, but Pinochet looks better every day

By Silvio Canto, Jr. November 26, 2017

Augusto Pinochet was born this week in 1914. He died in 2006. There are no shades of gray with this man. People love or hate him.   Many of us remember Pinochet as the man who saved Chile from misguided socialism and created the most successful economy in Latin America.   The left created this villain named Pinochet who tortured people and filled the prisons. In fact, the real villains who torture are the ones the left has supported or endorsed, such as Che!

What's the truth? He was not "Santo Augusto," but his legacy is the best economy in Latin America..... To be fair, Pinochet's opposition had a huge advantage over dissidents in Cuba like Armando Valladares and the torture chambers of North Korea.  Pinochet was bad, but he allowed the foreign press to cover domestic events. In other words, major international newspapers had bureaus in Santiago and operated freely in the country.

Let me ask you this: how many times did the international press visit a Cuban or North Korean political prison? Did the Kremlin allow Western reporters in The Gulag Archipelago...........Salvador Allende was not the romantic figure the anti-U.S. left created. He was an incompetent leader who started a leftist revolution in a country that did not vote for one........... On September 11, 1973, Pinochet overthrew Allende. Eventually, Allende shot himself!   Pinochet quickly moved to fix the Chilean economy. In fact, he presided over an economic miracle. Pinochet inherited triple-digit inflation and left an economy that is the envy of the continent......... The left criticized Pinochet for human rights abuses and kept its mouth shut on Fidel Castro's excesses. As always, the international left showed its selective indignation on human rights abuses.............. More

My Take - Those old enough to remember, after Pinochet left office Spain and England wanted him sent to Spain to face the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.  Why Pinochet and not Fidel Castro?  Pinochet was "the first...former head of state....arrested based on the principle of universal jurisdiction."  Who headed up this effort? Joan Garc├ęs a former advisor to Salvador Allende.  Was Pinochet a nice guy? No!  Was he worse than Fidel Castro -NO!  Was he worse than Allende?  NO! 

Allende would have sent Chile into an ecoonomic depression with his blatantly illegal confiscation of personal property and wealth that would have destroyed their economy and untold numbers of lives, just as Maduro is doing in Venezuela. 

The left has a serious problem with competence when it comes to running a society, and consistency when it comes to morality.  No matter what they claim - Russia was better off under the Czar - Cuba was better off with Batista - Iran was better off with the Shah.  And Chile was far better off without Allende.   

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