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Friday, November 17, 2017

Jonah's Off Target Again

By Paul Gottfried November 16, 2017

In his latest anti-Trump tear, National Review editor Jonah Goldberg warns that “the GOP can’t afford to chase away its own.” The GOP’s own, for Goldberg, means “middle-class suburbanites,” whom he depicts as the base of his party. These suburbanites, who are supposedly the heart and soul of the Republican Party, share Jonah’s ostentatious revulsion for Trump, which is now on display 24/7. The recent (for the Republicans) disastrous election in Virginia, in which Democrats swept to victory in statewide elections, is a godsend for Jonah and others at NR, who enjoy flailing away at the Donald. Goldberg identifies “conservatives” with Republican regulars, such as John McCain, Mitt Romney, Luther Strange, and Ben Sasse. Since Trump doesn’t fit into this restricted club of moderates, Jonah views him as an unwelcome visitor from Mars..........Two, from what I can tell, Goldberg is a socially liberal Republican and an urbanite who doesn’t fancy the working-class and rural white constituencies that voted for Trump. He’d like to be in a party that features people like him, that is, well-heeled, agnostic urban dwellers who are well-disposed toward gay marriage and other progressive causes...........To Read More....

My Take - I read Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism and was thoroughly impressed.  I started reading all of his stuff after that - although I've stopped reading him more and more.  I put him in the category as George Will and Charles Krauthammer, over educated and under smart - and I keep wondering who really wrote his book.  

There's a contingency within the Republican party that professes to be conservative - and in point of fact they allude to the idea they're the only real conservatives and define conservatism as they see fit.  But that definition has no parameters.  Many of them are also atheists like Will and Krauthammer, as a result they have no solid moral foundation. 

They are what they do and say - liberals who don't like spending money quite as much as those on the far left, and shift their positions due to the sandy foundation of their values, thinking and views.   I keep coming back to this singular question for these people. 

What is your end goal? 

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