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Monday, November 27, 2017

Liberals: Lemmings of the Left

By J.A. Frascino, MD November 27, 2017 @ American Thinkier

The hard left in America is a industry whose business model is to gain social control by generating chaos. It comprises three tiers:
  • The Board of Directors: Recently referred to as the Deep State, it is a covert, unstructured but ideologically integrated nidus of unelected public servants and their private sector cohorts and benefactors. They seek the downfall of our republican democratic form of government and the establishment of statist rule by expert elitist puppeteers who micromanage every aspect of society via technocratic bureaucracies. Only through ultimate central control and power, they contend, can a just society be attained.
  • The Salesforce: Those holding the bully pulpit -- like-minded or otherwise disenfranchised media pundits, academics, entertainers, ideological politicians, and lone-wolf activists. They preach to and indoctrinate the masses with the tenets of the directors. They spin every issue into a villain/victim social context, debasing the "establishment', waging war on "social injustices", and vanquishing the "oppressors."
  • The Consumers: The liberal community. Those whose innermost feelings of guilt, marginalization, subjugation, exclusion, or idealism are preyed upon and exploited to recruit a diverse army of angry dissidents: the vulnerable youth, Caucasians imbued with white guilt, blacks held in perpetual bondage by "compassionate" liberal policy, Hispanics welcomed through open borders and granted sanctuary and amnesty, and women under the yoke of male chauvinism. They have been successfully coerced and goaded into creating an angry, divided nation, generating conflict and confrontation over increasingly inane "injustices" -- bathrooms, statues, microaggressions.
Under the pretense of creating an egalitarian brave new world of equality, coexistence, and brotherhood -- the ultimate safe space -- the hard left instead seeks to create chaos, destablization, erosion and collapse of the existing system, and to rise victorious from the ashes, gaining absolute power and control.

The liberal flocks need to come to the realization that they are pawns being manipulated toward an unforeseen goal. Should their exalted leaders succeed in establishing their autocratic brave new world, the liberal rank and file will have fulfilled their purpose and outlived their usefulness. They, like the Clintons before them, will be dispensable and will be thrown under the bus with everyone else.

Then they will have real social injustices to rail against.

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