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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Feted at the UN For Decades, Africa’s Third Longest-Ruling Autocrat Bows Out

By Patrick Goodenough November 22, 2017

As Zimbabweans celebrated the resignation Tuesday of 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe, a United Nations spokesman declined to get into an “abstract philosophical” discussion on the longevity of autocrats who over decades are fixtures at the U.N.  After more than 37 years in power, Mugabe stepped down under pressure days after the military intervened in a bid to determine the outcome of a succession struggle between his wife and a recently-sacked vice-president..........Beyond Mugabe’s annual appearances in New York, his regime has over the years been awarded numerous leadership positions across the U.N. system.........

In 2012, the U.N. World Tourism Organization appointed Mugabe as a tourism ambassador.......

Canada withdrew from the UNWTO in protest, saying the appointment symbolized “what is wrong with the U.N.” 

In Washington, then-House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) accused the U.N. of “propping up” dictators.   Just last month, the U.N.’s World Health Organization appointed Mugabe as a “goodwill ambassador” in the fight against non-communicable diseases – a decision reversed after sharp criticism..........To Read More.....

My Take - The real story here isn't just about Mugabe.  He's been a criminal against humanity for most of his life and the world knew it - especially the United Nations - the most corrupt incompetent organization the world has ever known.  This is the organization the left wants to put in charge of world governance.  And is it any wonder - the UN is full of blithering idiots, thugs, criminals, mass murderers and incompetents. Perfect for leadership in leftist circles. 

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