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Friday, November 24, 2017

Islam Means Submission: Really, It Does - And They Really Mean It!

By Rich Kozlovich

On November 23, 2017 Reuters posted the article, Islamic State beheads 15 of its own fighters, saying:
Islamic State beheaded 15 of its own fighters due to infighting in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar, officials said, while a separate suicide attack on Thursday tore into a crowd in the provincial capital, Jalalabad, killing at least eight.
As for the suicide attack, apparently there was a "meeting of supporters of a police commander who was sacked for illegal land grabbing" and someone didn't like it - so he blew himself up and took a bunch of people with him. 

There are a couple of things about this I think are obvious - and telling. 

First - this area of the world has always been a disaster - economically, philosophically, militarily and politically.  No one is going to go in there and explain to them the wonders of American style republican Democracy and have them really believe it or want it, that simply is not part of their historical and societal paradigm.  They understand the only way to pacify and bring order to this area is to kill everyone who disagrees with you.  That is a basic tenet of Islam practiced by Muslim controlled societies making them nothing short of savage Medieval tribal societies with modern weapons, transportation and communications.

Second - Islam isn't a religion.  Islam is a criminal, political system that's managed to masquerade as a religion.  The fact they've been able to do so for 1400 years is immaterial. While the of level civil discord may be higher in Afghanistan than many Muslim controlled countries, it's far more prevalent in Muslim controlled areas of the world than those controlled by societies with Judaic/Christian values and principles.  In point of fact - much of the discord in those countries is being caused by Muslims....and their allies....western socialists.  Both have one underlying moral foundation to which they're completely committed - get and hold power by any means necessary.

Third - we see these terrorist militant groups will work together today and happily kill one another tomorrow as the need arises.  And what's that need?  The need to be in control.  The difference between religious concepts of Islam of ISIS and that of the Taliban isn't much more than an eyelash - except for one thing - who has the power.  Who controls the riches and the people, and make no mistake about this - these decisions aren't made by a democratic vote of the group.  Even if they have some kind of committee that's supposed to do the deciding - there's only one man who makes the decisions and the rest all obey or die. 

That's what's occurring in Saudi Arabia right now and that's been overdue for a Muslim state.  Saudi Arabia is the center of Wahhabism thinking - which is ultraconservative, fundamentalist founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab , in short - true Islam as is prescribed in the Koran.  And the Saudis supported them financially for decades.  That's now coming back to bite them, because of fracking. 

They need the civilized world because they're surrounded by Islamists of a different persuasion, who want their oil and riches, hate the Saudis and desire to destroy them.  Since the advent of American fracking their income is dropping radically.  They can no longer afford their internal corruption and arrogant disregard for civilized behavior.  We don't need them they need us.  Now we'll see how Muslim leadership really functions - obey or die - and it's not going to be nicer than whatever unpleasantness the Shah of Iran may have imposed on his people - a rich and prosperous, far more free society than what the Ayatollahs imposed, and not a peep out of the left about that. 

How do you reason with them?  You don't!   They only understand power, and the expression and application of that power. You crush them and go home.  Muslims will never honor any agreement with anyone outside their particular group, including other Muslims, because the Koran made it clear it was perfectly acceptable to do so in the name of Islam.  And of course they would determine if what they were doing was in the name of Islam.

Islam means submission. Islam teaches submission.  Islam demands submission, or you die.  Islamists practice that concept within their group and against those outside their group. 

That's history and that history is incontestable. 

So, what do we see on American university and college campuses?  Americans demanding, we support the PLO and crush Israel - the only stable patch of ground in the Middle East.  This group, at least 50% of them - AKA Millennials - believe socialism is the perfect government and America should become a socialist state.  This is a group who wears t-shirts with Fidel Castro or Che Guevara's face on them - two of the greatest mass murders of the 20th century - and condemn America for every infraction of their values, which is the philosophical flavor of the day.  This is a group that's not only stunningly stupid - they're arrogant in their stupidity.  And why?  Because we've allowed leftists to take over and corrupt America's education system from Kindergarten on.  But that corruption is most obscene in America's universities.  It's high time we stop funding American universities and kicked the federal government out of education entirely. 

And its high time we come to grips with history - Islam and leftism are cancers that destroy every society they infest. 

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