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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Transparocrites: How Transparency Hypocrites Live with Themselves


There are those among us with integrity and strength of character. They attract our respect and inspire us. Then there are those who are just, well, transparent. They meet our minimum expectations. As certain activists try to shift the debate toward ensuring that everyone is transparent, we assess people less frequently on the basis of their moral fibre. This blog will examine how transparency is value neutral, indicative of a lack of trust and allows for a wide range of double standards by Machiavellian operators. I have found that most of the activists who demand transparency are inherent hypocrites: transparocrites!

Activists like Corporate Europe Observatory’s Martin Pigeon, Le Monde’s St├ęphane Foucart, US Right to Know’s Carey Gillam, IARC’s Kate Guyton and Members of the European Parliament like Bart Staes and Maria Heubuch have made a good living banging on about the need for transparency … for others … well … namely for people and organisations they don’t like and don’t trust. They are not themselves transparent. They are transparocrites.

As discussed in the last blog, transparency is not a tool to build trust; it is a trap to undermine trust. These mal-intended little activist zealots know this and would rather be accused of being a hypocrite than fall into their own transparency trap......To Read More.....

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