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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be Careful For What You Wish For

By Rich Kozlovich

Be careful for what you wish for. How often have you heard that phrase? The Democrats demanded an investigation into Trump's 2016 Presidential campaign following Hillary's whine about Russian interference being responsible for her loss. Somehow thinking the election result could be overturned and Hillary be sworn in as President of the United States. How brain dead was that?

Well, they got their investigation and now I'm willing to bet a whole lot of Democrats, including Hillary, are wishing it never happened. Oh sure, Mueller is stomping around the pasture messing up the grass, but when it's all over - he may be in jail himself, right along with his good buddy Comey.

It turns out there was a bunch of illegal interaction with the Russians, but it was by Democrats. All of this is exposing how corrupt Hillary has been from the beginning, both she and Bill, and the Department of Justice will have to go after them, and their cabal who made it all possible.

I love how these leftists scream about abuses of government by government for doing the very things they've been doing forever. But in this case the DOJ will actually be obeying the law (unlike the DOJ under Holder and Lynch who really did abuse government power, and that wasn't the only government agency full of corrupt practices under Obama) in going after these criminal leftists. Obedience to law is not abuse by the government.

You have to wonder why anyone would be a Clintonista? Why they're still mourning her failure to get elected? This is the reason. I've stated in the past - and I'm saying it now - they didn't just want Hillary to win - they needed her to win to stay out of jail.

And when she finally gets prosecuted the most profound question that will asked and answered is this: Which ones, and how many, will turn on her to save their own skins? I'm willing to bet there will be a waiting list. Let’s face it - the only Clintonistas who actually loved Hillary were the sheeple who wept at her loss. She's so contemptible in her treatment of people those in the power structure must have secretly despised her, but they needed her for their own advancement and enrichment, and as it turns out – they needed her to win in order to stay out of jail.

Respect is a mixture of fear and affection. The Swamp People will never love Trump, but he can make sure they fear his power, and when he starts putting these criminals in jail, the level of respect will take a major jump. If Trump wants to really drain the swamp he has to have what it takes to make Sessions finally do his job.

As for the Judge Moore situation: The Democrats just about passed out in euphoria over this, at least until the Weinstein scandal broke, and that broke a damn they never wanted anything to pour out of - just how contemptible the party of women's rights really is.

Leftists never saw a moral cause they couldn't scream about as an indictment of their foes. They never saw a moral dilemma they couldn't embrace and dismiss if it involves one their own. Leftists have no moral foundation or code in which they believe. Except for one over riding passion. The desire to gain and hold power. In order to do that they will embrace anything that will help to attain it, no matter how immoral, degraded or treasonous it may be.

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