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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Feel the Bern: A rat flees Venezuela's sinking ship

A Venezuelan judge who signed arrest warrants for top dissidents in that hellhole now wants asylum in Canada

By Monica Showalter November 25, 2017

The Globe and Mail

Along with thousands of legitimate Venezuelan asylum-seekers, now even those aligned with the Chavista regime are seeking asylum.  There's a new case in Canada.  Ralenis Tovar, the Venezuelan criminal court judge who signed the arrest warrant of Leopoldo Lopez, now wants asylum in Canada.  The man she signed the arrest warrant for was a popular dissident leader who was thrown in jail without trial in 2014 after being blamed for violent protests.  He spent three years in mostly solitary confinement as a result of her failure to speak out.  Tovar admitted she knew he was innocent but signed the arrest warrant anyway because she said Chavista goons made her do it, threatening her with the grim fate of another judge who resisted Chavista orders..............Rough translation: "The Judge Ralenis who signed the detention warrant against Leopoldo asks asylum in Canada out of fear of the regime, exactly as she ratified the orders to kill, and now she claims the same danger............. The government paid this corrupt one very well.".............Perhaps she thought the crocodile she was feeding by signing that warrant would eat her last.  Now she's got problems, and like thousands of other Venezuelans, she wants out......... she ought to be forced to lie in the bed she made in Venezuela.............. More 

My Take - I've said in the past - it was just a matter of time before the ruling class tried to get out of the country and spend the loot they've stolen from the nation.  If Canada accepts this judge they should be ashamed of themselves.  Here's more to the story, but this is only her version, and it doesn't seem to fit with some of the facts presented, starting with - where did she get the money to fly to Canada since everyone else is so broke they can't even buy food.  

This is just the beginning, and a small fry at that, but it won't be long before Maduro is in this group seeking asylum somewhere.  But where can he go?  Cuba?  Fidel's brother would be happy to share all those stolen billions. 

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