Saturday, August 18, 2018

The End of Sweden

By Rich Kozlovich

Joseph Klein recently published an article entitled, Sweden is Burning, asking: Will Swedes finally wake up and deal with their immigration problem?

In the aritcle he points out there are about ten million people living in Sweden, which is small potatoes when you consider there are over eleven million living in Ohio. Sweden has a fertility rate of 1.9, which means they’re going to run out of ethnic Swedes some day if that trend were to continue.  Furthermore, the birth rates of the ethnic Western populations of Europe is being outstripped 4-1 by Islamic immigrants.

The left’s promotion of the gay agenda and the denigration of a traditional heterosexual society, along with the environmentalist’s demands we have less children to save the planet is having, and will have, devastating long-term consequences.

Muslims don’t buy into any of that. They have children - lots of children - and in many western nations they’re openly practicing polygamy, and these European nations know it and are doing nothing about it. At what point is there a point of no return? If these leftist multiculturalist schemes continue - Sweden is soon to become an Islamic State.

A question asked by one reader was: Why does Sweden need Somalis, Afghans, Eritreans, Iraqis, Iranians, and Syrians for, and the same question applies to all Western countries including the United States? The answer?  We don't need them and we shouldn't want them since they don't want to assimilate, they want to destroy. 

What seems clear to me is that Sweden is doomed. In the next thirty years.  At current trends Sweden will be unrecognizable, the old Sweden will be irretrievable and the nation will be just as violent as are all other Muslim dominated cultures.

The only thing Muslims in Sweden will support is having slaves, many wives, the end of women’s rights, the end of freedom of religion and the end of any legitimate form of democracy and dhimmitude. That’s where non-Muslims are taxed by Muslims. We need to get this: Islam is antithetical to Democracy.  Islam isn't a religion!  Islam is a political criminal movement masquerading as a religion. Just because they've managed to go on for over 1400 years is immaterial. 

Can anyone not wonder that leftism is a form of insanity?   Everything they promote and support is anethema to Muslims and yet they stand shoulder to shoulder in support of Muslim immigration into western cultures. Make no mistake about this.  If Muslim culture dominates the west they will eviseate the left. 

Islam means “submission”, and it’s not just rhetoric to Muslims. They are deadly serious about everyone submitting to Islam, and they will use any and every form of violence to make that happen, including the murder of other Muslims with whom they disagree, and that isn’t a small number.

One writer felt the “only useful function Sweden can still perform is as a warning to its neighbors--near and far--but especially near. The remaining Scandinavian countries and Baltic states must take steps now to stop the spread of contagion from Sweden or they, too, will suffer the same ignominious end.”

Sweden is descending into a leftist multicultural Islamic crap hole right out of Dante’s Inferno filled with bestial appetites, violence, perversion, fraud, malice, hatred of their fellow man and intellectual fraud.

This a bed they’ve made for themselves and now they’re going to have to sleep in it, but make no mistake about this. If Sweden is to survive it must collectively recognize Islam is a cancer that must be eradicated from their society, but that’s not going to happen as long as multicultural socialists continue ruling this nation.

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