Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pittsburgh now the largest major city without a daily newspaper

By Rick Moran August 28, 2018

One of the oldest newspapers in the country told its readers that it is cutting its production schedule from seven days a week to five. The 232-year-old Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will still post a digital edition of the paper but will no longer publish a print edition every day. This means that Pittsburgh will become the largest city in the nation without a daily newspaper.

The Hill:
"It's the year 2018, and with the way people review and expect to review information and news, we think we're doing the right thing," said Keith Wilkowski, vice president of legal and government affairs for Block Communications Inc., the company based in Toledo, Ohio, that owns the Post-Gazette, on June 27. "We will be publishing a (digital) newspaper seven days a week," Wilkowski added. "And, frankly, we reach more people via online than through the print publication."
The union representing newsroom employees made sounds like a dinosaur braying at the moon as it sank into extinction............. Read more

My Take - One thing this writer fails to really bite into is the fact newspapers became promoters of false short.....they lied.  Lies of commission and lies of omission, and the internet exposed them.  Once that happened, and the public became aware, that was the beginning of the end. 

Now they have to compete with bloggers.  And the bloggers are winning. 

Truthfully, I like a newspaper. In years gone by I would read the whole paper. Now, if I buy one I casually peruse the news and editorials and move on to what I really bought them for in recent years -  to do the crossword puzzles and read the sports page. 

But now I've stopped watching sports, including my beloved Cleveland Browns,  I now buy a paper to do the crossword puzzle.   And at the price they're now charging.....if I have to pay that much to read the news I'll pay more and read the Wall Street Journal. 

Newspapers are going out of business.  I believe most of these papers that are dropping their production schedules will be out of business within ten years and many in five.  If you look at the age of their subscribers you will find a huge percentage of them are old like me and older.  Time isn't on their side.  One friend told me he doesn't know anyone who subscribes to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on his street any longer.   At one time the PD was largest newspaper in Ohio.

The time will come where there will be no subscribers on any street for a lot of newspapers in this nation. 

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