Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hitler, Mussolini and FDR: The Secret History of a Mutual Admiration Society

Dinesh D'Souza  Aug 22, 2018

We hear a lot today from progressives about how neo-Nazis support President Trump.  In reality this is questionable; no one has actually surveyed or queried neo-Nazis to find out if this is actually true.

Moreover, several leading neo-Nazis like Andrew Anglin, co-editor of the Daily Stormer, have leftist backgrounds.Even so, gullible people go along with the progressive allegation, because they have been taught that fascism and Nazism are “on the right.”

But are they?

We can throw light on this question by examining the mutual admiration society between the FDR administration and Mussolini’s Italian fascists, and also the praise that the Nazis heaped upon FDR’s New Deal in the early 1930s.  Hitler, Mussolini and FDR seem to have regarded each other as ideological kindred spirits.  This is a subject hardly mentioned in progressive textbooks or progressive historiography...............

FDR regarded his National Recovery Act (NRA) as the most important of his New Deal programs.  It was directly modeled on Italian fascism.  The NRA empowered the federal government to establish coalitions of labor and management in every industry to set production targets, wages, prices, and even maximum and minimum working hours.  According to Tugwell, the NRA was designed to “eliminate the anarchy of the competitive system.”.............To Read More.....

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