Saturday, August 25, 2018

California’s Continuation of Crazy

The last straw, figuratively this time.

Scott McKay  August 24, 2018

None of this should be much of a surprise to our readers given the seamless decline of governmental sanity in California, which is so pronounced that local governments in that state are busily banning plastic straws as a reaction to a nine-year old’s social activism project (seriously, that’s the genesis of the straw-banning craze), but there’s a full-on war afoot by that state’s politicians against one of its more profitable industries.  Specifically, two Democrat members of Congress from California just sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown demanding that he shut down the oil and gas business in that state ..............If that’s not loopy enough, the letter also purports to “care” for the jobs that would evaporate as California wipes out its non-pixie dust energy sector..........California is descending rapidly into Third World status — willingly. By now you’d think the middle class in that state would have put its foot down and thrown the bums out. But clearly, sanity hasn’t prevailed...........To Read More.....

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