Thursday, August 23, 2018

Then: “Islamic Europe? Ridiculous!” Now: “Islamic Europe? Inevitable – and Terrific!”

European elite changes its tune - to enable surrender.

August 23, 2018 Bruce Bawer

One week back in 2007, I was paid a not inconsiderable sum of money to fly first class from Oslo to Washington, D.C., on the Tuesday and to fly back on the Thursday, so that I could give a hour-long lunchtime talk on the Wednesday to an audience of American and international diplomats.

Given that I had been compensated so well and given, as it was explained to me, that I had been accorded the star spot, the sole solo turn, in the middle of a day-long conference consisting otherwise of panel discussions about Western Europe, I foolishly expected a friendly reception.

My first doubts in this respect began to arise only moments after the event kicked off. Sitting through the morning's panels, I heard one highly credentialed individual after another – professors, politicians, and retired and active diplomats from various countries – join in predicting a glowing future for Western Europe. Socially and economically, they all agreed, prospects looked a lot brighter for Western Europe than for America.

Not a single one of the dozen or so panelists diverged from this consensus.............To Read More.....

My Take - It's clear there must be something wrong with socialists’ minds. Europe's leadership has embraced multiculturalism and no amount of history or reality will change their position. What's going to happen?  I've stated this in the past and I will restate it here now.

Revolution and civil war will break out all throughout Europe. 

Europe has been ruled by socialists since the end of WWI, but they used to be nationalist socialists. After WWII Internationalist socialists took charge, but make no mistake about this. There's a Mussolini or Hitler in every one of these countries just waiting to take over, and they're willing to use violence to do it.

The difference will be they're not going to be concerned about conquering the world. They're just going to want to survive, and that will mean driving out the Muslim population of Europe.

Europe is doomed. They will never recover economically no matter what happens, and no matter how many deals Germany makes with Russia and others.....Germany will collapse, and the EU will go down with them, and the EU may even precede the German collapse.

Europe is in reality nothing more than a geographical designation with many different groups with vastly different cultural foundations.  When it's all said and done Europe will be broke and will be broken up into even smaller countries.  Some countries will no longer be in existence within 25 years, and Greece is most likely to be one of them. 

And all these highly educated, highly credentialed misfits can't see it.  When dust settles from all the violence that's coming they'll see the consequences of their actions because the people who take over will exact retribution for their lack of definition, clarity, understanding and decision making.  

Except they're going to call it treason.  

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