Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Deep State preparing to throw Brennan under the bus?

By Richard Jack Rail August 21, 2018

James Clapper, former DNI, avers that former CIA head mobster director John Brennan's language against President Trump has become a problem. "John and his rhetoric have become ... an issue in and of itself. [He] is subtle like a freight train," Clapper said.

This likely signals that the Deep State has decided that Brennan's big mouth is more liability than asset. To avoid tipping their hand, they aren't going to throw him under the bus; rather, they will let him choke on his own tongue.........half the country expects the Deep State, eventually, to openly take over the legitimate government of the United States and establish martial law, masking the intent of permanent dictatorship behind storms of words on the mainstream media.  This, many believe, was Obama's original plan until he thought he could pass the baton to Hillary and let her weather the storm of opprobrium.  Hillary was fine with this as long as she finally got to be boss.............Read More.........

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