Thursday, August 30, 2018

Feel the Bern: Will Trump invade Venezuela?

By Rich Kozlovich

I think President Trump realizes we're at the end of the Bretton Woods era, and there is absolutely no value in the U.S. invading Venezuela.  Here's a great article by Doug Bandow entitled "No, America Should Not Intervene Militarily in Venezuela", I think is worth viewing. 
Let's face it, we don't need their oil, we don't need their friendship, or the friendship of any of our neighbors to the South. Should we be concerned over the terrible suffering the people of Venezuela are going through? Of course! But why is it the responsibility of the U.S. to fix what they've brought on themselves?

This human disaster is a real expose of the morality of an international community that loves to criticize America.  As Antonio Mora states in his article,  Who’s Saving Venezuela? The U.S.? The UN? The Pope? No. But They Could. Here's How”
"The list of international players that have wrung their hands about Maduro’s tyranny, but failed to take effective action, is long and shameful. But they are far from powerless.........".  
"The violent repression, oppression, and human rights abuses by the Venezuelan government have become so commonplace and the Venezuelan people have become so despondent, little is seen as shocking anymore. In horrifying detail, she describes atrocities that include the rape of men and women, beatings, broken bones, psychological torture, starvation rations, and the withholding of medical treatment, including for malaria, a once-eradicated disease in Venezuela, but where 240,000 cases were documented last year."  
"Children are starving, people are dying of treatable illnesses because of a scarcity of medicines, and the regime has taken dozens of television and radio stations off the air."   
"But international dysfunction is such that their pleas to the world may be a waste of breath.​​"
The United Nations has done nothing.  Where is the condemnation from the UN Council on Human Rights?  Oh, wait, Venezuela is a member of that council, and who does the U.N. criticize?   UN goes after Ecuador and Peru over passports, not Maduro regime
"It was the United Nations that so conspicuously succored the Venezuelan regime, dating from the days when Hugo Chavez hooted on about the 'smell of sulfur' against President George Bush. Venezuela was awarded a seat on the United Nations Security Council as recently as 2014, and kid you not, has gotten awards from the UN about hunger alleviation. The UN gave Venezuela a position on its Human Rights Council. Hugo Chavez's billionaire daughter (wealth derived from looting the treasury), served as Venezuela's credentialed United Nations envoy. Why didn't the UN put the brakes on any of that? Why didn't they put Venezuela on the spot for that, leaning on them to clean up their home act?  
Is it any wonder the U.S. is withdrawing membership in that council and ending any funding to it? What is the Organization of American States doing?  They talk of suspending Venezuela's membership and adding sanctions.  Really?  Is that all? 
What about the Pope?  He's had a lot to say about America's "immoral" immigration policies and our "immorally" dumping the Paris Treaty on Climate Change, but we're being assured, the Pope has a plan for Venezuela and we just need to give it time to work.  After reading this piece of clabberous jabberwocky, can someone please tell me what that plan really is? 

Now we see how much compassion Venezuela's neighbors have for them as tens of thousands pour over their borders trying to escape the disaster created by the socialist government they loved. Now these countries are demanding they show passports. Passports they don't have and can't get because Venezuela farmed that duty out to Cuba, and Cuba isn't giving them out.

So why can't these South American countries just recognize them as refugees? Because this idea of open borders is dangerous, and now that it's happening to them they're declaring states of emergencies at their borders.

In some areas these refugees have caused so much trouble the local people drove them out. If an invasion is necessary to fix Venezuela, let the other nations of South America invade Venezuela! If the U.S. invaded we'd be condemned as imperialists interfering in a sovereign nation's affairs, and of course the charge will be that we're really not doing it for humanitarian reasons, it's because were greedy capitalists and want to steal their wealth.  But if we don't invade, our morality is called into question, and we'll hear how the richest country in the world is unconcerned about all this human suffering.

It's a no-win situation for the United States, except for one thing. If America stays home we don't waste American lives or money on Venezuela! So if we're going to be criticized no matter what we do.... let's make the choice of saving our men and our money. As for the claims of our lack of human compassion - that will pass. If we invade that will be an arrow shot at us forever, and by the very people demanding we do something, no matter how much good we may do.

Tell the South and Latin American countries that if they want Venezuela fixed to stop huffing and puffing and acting all self-righteous, and do it themselves. Put the burden of all of this on their shoulders.   If it takes an international effort, including invasion, to fix Venezuela then let the Union of South American Nations (USAN) take the lead.  However, to take that road means they are in fact condemning socialism. Let them take the road that condemns socialism, something they've all embraced in varying degrees over the decades, which is one of the reasons they're ambivalent to do anything.  If they do that it makes it difficult to justify their own levels of socialism, and difficult to criticize the United States.  And that goes for the Pope, and all these socialists thugs and thieves infesting the United Nations, and the OAS. 

All these entities have been willing to self-righteously criticize Venezuela from a distance, but now they have to do something directly to deal with this political crisis. But they won't, and if the USAN, the UN, the OAS and the Pope refuse to do anything, then let the suffering be on their heads.

Another reason the USAN won’t do anything is because the USAN is a mess. Of the 16 countries that make up South America, seven have either suspended or withdrawn their membership, and as far as I can tell there are only six active members.   As for taking action against Venezuela?  They couldn't even agree on who the Secretary General should be and at times the position went unfilled. And guess which country remains a member? Venezuela!

At some point all these groups are going to start begging the U.S. to do something. First, they'll demand and pontificate about how this is America's responsibility, which some are already doing. Then they'll try to shame us over our lack of humanitarian instincts ..... and then ..... they'll start begging, and when that happens they need to be told to shove it, grow up, stand on their hind legs and put their own house in order.

The people of Venezuela jumped on Chavez's socialist bandwagon when it was obvious who he was and what he was going to do.... and stupidly....... they loved it. Let them live with the consequences of that stupidity.

This is not America’s fight, or America’s responsibility!

Can you "Feel the Bern"?

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