Thursday, August 30, 2018

Taking an Axe to 'Peace Processing'

By Shoshana Bryen August 29, 2018

The Trump administration has restored the United States to the position of honest broker – emphasis on "honest" – and taken a hatchet to a series of fantasies underlying the notion of an Israeli-Palestinian "peace process."  Twenty-five years after the Oslo Accords ushered in radical, despotic, kleptocratic Palestinian self-government, the Accords are dead. And that's good.
The new construct is as follows:
  • The U.S. is not neutral between Israel, America's democratic friend and ally, and the Palestinians, who are neither.
  • Everybody has a "narrative," a national story. Not everyone's narrative is factual. The U.S. will insist that there are facts, and that history – both ancient and modern – is real and knowable. ; The American government's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel is simply the acceptance of the truth of history. The city was the capital of the Jewish people and never, ever the seat of government for any other. In this assertion, the president was joined by many members of the U.S. House and Senate, irrespective of party – although some had more trouble saying so than others.
  • The U.S. will not pay for fraud, mismanagement, or support of terrorism by the Palestinians or the United Nations.  Repeat the comment about congressional support.
  • Neither will we fund two Palestinian governments simply because it is easier than figuring out what to do with Hamas and Fatah, who are fighting a civil war and agree on little besides the need for Israel's ultimate demise.  Repeat the comment about congressional support.
In the new game, the Palestinians have something to lose – the sine qua non of successful negotiations.............Read more

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