Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cubans create a Berlin Wall in passports for Venezuelans fleeing socialism

By Monica Showalter August 27, 2018

One of the things that might make you think things are different in Venezuela compared to the Eastern European communist regimes of the past is the fact that Venezuela is allowing people to flee the disintegrating socialist hellhole. East Germans, by contrast, shot people trying to escape through the Berlin Wall.

Well, as with everything Chavista and communist, everything old is new again.

Venezuelans are facing substantial obstacles to fleeing because other nations, such as Peru, are starting to require passports. That makes sense from Peru's perspective, given that the Peruvians need to know who's coming into their country, just as we need to know who's coming into ours. But it leaves a tremendous problem of refugee flight unaddressed,............There isn't much outcry from the usual suspects – the Church, the NGOs, the open borders lobby – about this problem.  Perhaps it would cast too much attention on the failures of socialism, which, in this case, very much include penning people in against their will, if only through the default actions of nations such as Peru that require passports.  Not having a passport pretty much makes you a non-person.  And control of movement has always been a feature of socialism – which shows that this is what socialists have aimed to achieve all along.............. Read more

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