Friday, March 6, 2020

McConnell slams Schumer in floor speech: Don’t pretend you didn’t threaten two justices yesterday

Ed Morrissey March 5, 2020

I tip my hat to both Hot Air readers and to Cocaine Mitch, all of whom grasped the political opportunity Chuck Schumer presented better than I did. “There is nothing to call this except a threat,” McConnell intoned from the Senate floor earlier this morning. “And there is absolutely no question to whom it was directed.” McConnell used Schumer’s vituperative — and ultimately ignorant — rant yesterday to tie it together with Democrats’ long war against judicial nominees, Supreme Court decisions, and the independence of the federal bench.

In its way, it was perhaps one of McConnell’s most stirring performances, and it had one somewhat surprising result — Schumer backed down, at least a little:......To Read More....

My Take Schumer just backing down isn't an option now. He has to be censured by the Senate, and this is long overdue.  The Democrats have gotten away with this obnoxious crap kind for decades.  Things for which the media would have eviscerated any Republican or conservative.  But nothing ever happened because the Republican party is filled with invertebrates.  Finally, they have a President that's been able to grow a spine in their leadership.  Now he has to purge the Mitt Romneys in the party if that spine is to remain firm.  

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