Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Coronavirus: It's Howard Zinn's Fault

By Rich Kozlovich

In modern times pandemics have come and pandemics have gone, and none of them have been the Spanish Influenza or the Black Plague. Will there be one in the future? Yes. When? Who knows? What will prevent it? Nothing! What will be done to fix it? Since these things can't be anticipated, not much!

These things will appear and will have to run their course, often times leaving a residual impact that will infect smaller numbers each year, depending on whether the pandemic is caused by a virus, a bacteria or a parasite, such as malaria.

Sometimes millions die and sometimes tens of thousands die. Sometimes the young are the target of these diseases, sometimes it’s the old, and some times age doesn't matter. If there's no vaccine there's no real fix.

It's a crap shoot!

And every politician has to react to the public's panic and do something. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it just doesn't matter.  With the exception of malaria, which has been eternal, the pandemic will run its course eventually.  It always does. How much damage will be done? That's unpredictable.

It’s still just a crap shoot!

However, I blame Howard Zinn for all of this. Of course, he's dead, making the world a better place to live with his passing, and I have no justification for blaming him, other than I despise him. But no matter, I've decided to take on the irrational logic of the left. Just like the left blames Trump because it makes them feel good, it makes me feel good to blame Zinn.

Tomorrow I intend to blame Noam Chomsky. Why? Same reason I blamed Howard Zinn. I despise both of them, and it makes me feel good to do it.

Monday will start a whole new week of the blame game, I think I will start next week blaming Charles Darwin.

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