Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It Appears Bernie is Out! Biden is In! Both are Crazy!

By Rich Kozlovich

On Mar 10, 2020 Matt Vespa posted the article, After Being Brutally Whipped, Bernie Isn't Speaking Tonight. And There Could Be a Huge Announcement Soon. saying:
Former Vice President Joe Biden just finished addressing his supporters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He didn’t gloat. In fact, as CNN’s Dana Bash noted, he offered many olive branches to the far left of the Democratic Party. Bash also noted the tone: Biden spoke as if Bernie was already out of the race. Is he? Well, we don’t know. Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to speak tonight. He’s pulling a Hillary Clinton and not making an address................There are rumors that Sanders could drop out tomorrow or Thursday. Sanders has said that he isn’t a masochist, he will drop out if there is no path. The problem is that he’s a politician. They lie.......He's bold.  He's maybe a little insane.  
He's bold and may be a little insane?  Maybe he's bold because he's a total nut case.  From what I've read he demonstrates all sorts of emotional problems.  First, he's an amazingly horrible boss, abusing his campaign staff with temper tantrums, outrageous demands and no ideas as to how to accomplish what he demands.

On March 9, 2020 Daniel Greenfield posted the article, Bernie's Hotel Rooms Must Be 60 Degrees, and Someone Must Stand In Them Even When He Isn't There.
 He comments: The list, distributed to aides in his entourage and shared with hotel employees, stipulates that his room must be kept at an arctic 60 degrees. That he needs an oscillating fan. Other wish lists have requested that written materials be removed. That the room must be at least five doors away from the ice machine and from the elevator, though the walk to the elevator must not be too long. The morning before he was to arrive a hotel in Las Vegas, his staff summoned the hotel engineer to jury-rig the air-conditioner to the required temperature. There was one more problem: Someone had to stay in the room to keep a motion sensor from kicking the thermostat back to 72 degrees.
Greenfield makes this personal observation:
Assigning someone to stand in a hotel room so the temperature is just right for Bernie sounds like the worst job in the world. But any job interacting with Bernie is the worst job in the world. 
He goes on to quote those who've actually had to work for this lunatic saying:
 "As a supervisor, he was unbelievably abusive," says one former campaign staffer, who claims to have endured frequent verbal assaults. The double standard was clear: "He did things that, if he found out that another supervisor was doing in a workplace, he would go after them. You can't treat employees that way."
"Bernie was an asshole," says a Democratic insider who worked with Sanders on the campaign trail. "Just unnecessarily an asshole.
"He yelled in meetings all the time," says one of Sanders' former Senate staffers. "He'd yell, 'I don't want to hear excuses! I want to get it done!'"
And we're surprised?  Bernie is like all leftists.  He's never seen a burden so great he couldn't put it on someone else's back.  As for sanity?   How could any sane person say the things he says?  Praising some of the most murderous monsters of the 20th century!  Would any sane person do such things?

That leaves Biden to walk to the nomination. 

I really didn't think the convention would go this way.  I, like many others, thought it would be a brokered convention, with Hillary just tugging at the bit in the background.  Few, if any, believed Biden could make it, or that Bernie would be so overpowering the back room boys would step in and force everyone to become good soldiers by bowing out and endorsing Biden, Warren notwithstanding, but in most cases their campaigns were already in the dumper. And when you think back of how many were running and what they promoted, we can thank Bernie.  He forced them to expose just have far left they all are.

They're job is to deceive the voting public, and once in, then they can impose socialist schemes slowly.  Just as has been done in America's system of education, from kindergarten through higher education, going back to the 1890's and John Dewey. And guess where he was from? Vermont!  And we wonder how Bernie kept being elected from that state. 

As David L. Rosenthal once observed :
Public education has become an institutionalized form of child abuse. Rather than being a tool used to prepare children to become productive adults, public education is being used to indoctrinate them to believe what powerful interest groups wish them to believe. This process is designed to transform America into a place unfit for human habitation, in which rights are suppressed, powers of government are unlimited, and traditional faith-based values are rejected.........
As for Biden? He's as almost obnoxious and deranged as Bernie. As Andrea Widburg points out in her piece, After Biden verbally abuses a voter, the Democrats celebrate him, saying:
The former were wowed by how manly and powerful a stuttering, incoherent, factually incorrect Biden appeared as he berated a factory worker in front of dozens of other workers. Meanwhile, the latter were deeply worried that Biden, the Democrat frontrunner, is showing increasing signs of cognitive impairment, not to mention the revolting arrogance of the permanent political class.
In another article she goes on to demonstrate these problems of mental impairment and obnoxious behavior.

As for the back room boys?   Actually, they're all in favor of all the things Bernie promotes, that's who the Democrat party is.  They just hate anyone who actually tells the world what they really believe, at least when running for President.

What these wolves in sheep's clothing has done to education in America, and the western world, they've been doing to America for over one hundred years, and almost 225 years in Europe, starting with the French Revolution.

Their goal?

Destroy the American identity, the American culture, the American economy, the United States Constitution, and replace it with a socialist system of worldwide governance administered by the United Nations, the most corrupt and incompetent organization the world has ever known.

Bernie isn't the only one in that group that's "maybe" a little crazy?  But Bernie is a clear representation of who they are and what they want, and what they want now is to obfuscate the facts of who they are and what they want. Biden is the best they can piece together as a candidate, and he's clearly mentally impaired.  Perfect Democrat.

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