Thursday, March 5, 2020

2020 Democrat Presidential Picks of the Crop!

By Rational Db8

You know, there for a while it seemed like even in debates Biden was having massive problems even staying awake... went missing from the campaign trail for awhile, around the time Trump pronounced him "Slo Joe" or "Sleepy Joe"... which really seemed to get his goat.  Then in either the Nevada debate or the one right before it, suddenly he had all sorts of energy and his temper has been notably flaring badly too.... and he can't think straight.

He's always been a little prone to gaffes (more like blatant lies "I'm a guy next door like you, see, I just ate at the restaurant in your neighborhood the other day - never mind that it's been closed for 20 years!"....) But here recently his verbal goofs have been WAY more extreme and common than they used to be - he can't seem to keep anything straight, including what office he's running for, what office others are running for, where his wife and sister are (or which is which), what state he's in, who's interviewing him, and on and on and on....

There's something really wrong with him. And I have to seriously wonder if they put him on meds to give him an energy boost and that's contributing to it, or if he's just seriously progressing into dementia of one form or another.

And this is the Democrat's candidate for President. Talk about horrifying.

It is really incredible that the Dems manage to find this caliber candidate for President time and again, tho! I mean there've been:
  • Mini Mike "Big Gulp, Lemme Frisk You - and I'm great at plagiarizing policies" Bloomy,
  • Creepy gropin' Uncle Quid Pro Quo Slow Joe 'I love it when kids jump on my lap, rub my wet leg hairs down, and watch it rise again' Biden
  • Hillary "Felonia Von Pantsuit - the FBI certified me as too stupid and corrupt to handle national security documents, but I want to be president! Oh, and never mind those thousands of slam dunk felonies to my name" Clinton,
  • William "Slick Willy Cigar Teflon" Clinton
  • Barack "I'm god and will fundamentally change America into a socialist cesspool AND stop the rise of the seas" Obama,
  • Al "I'm such a great con man I can suck hundreds of millions off you rubes by pretending AGW is real even tho I'm scientifically illiterate" Gore,
  • Ketchup John "Swiftboat I love conspiring with the enemy" Kerry, sometimes affectionarly known as "Lurch,"
  • Bernie "I'm an ancient curmudgeon with no accomplishments to my name other than getting elected, unconstitutional socialist, racist from top to bottom!" Sanders,
  • Fauxcahontas,
  • Saint Boo-Boo Baby Buttigieg
  • Amy "Bobblehead" Klobuchar
  • Beto "I'm a fake Hispanic who loved to dress up as a sheep and sing in the worst band ever, when I'm not doing vehicular hit and runs" O'Rourke,
  • Cory "Spartacus" Booker, etc., etc., etc.
  • And there was Kamala "Sleeping to the Top" Harris
It's mind boggling that out of 340+ million people, these are the BEST the Dems can come up with - and they're willing to actually vote for them!

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