Thursday, March 12, 2020

Palestinians target Israeli children with explosive balloons

March 12, 2020 By Michael Berenhaus

The Washington Post published an article entitled "Gaza militants send bomb-loaded balloons to Israel" (3/9/20). The article describes an Israeli child named Emma who was initially "pleased" when she saw a balloon floating toward her. But, as the article continues, "another child, who had heard the warnings from local police, knew better: "That's a bomb!" According to the Post article, "In recent months, hundreds of booby-trapped balloons — sometimes bearing the messages 'I love you' and 'Happy Birthday' along with small improvised explosives dangling by a string — have descended" on Israel from Gaza.

No need to parse words on this: the goal is the targeted killing of Israeli children by the Palestinians.

The Post, always quick to jump to the defense of the Palestinian movement, claims this is "one of the ways in which militants in Gaza keep up a low-intensity armed resistance to Israel's 14-year blockade of the Palestinian enclave." But if that were the case, how come the balloons aren't aimed at Egypt as well, since Egypt blockades Gaza on its west side? Why doesn't the Post — supposedly the gold standard among newspapers — examine that basic fact?

According to the article, "15-20 inflatables that land" each day include "unicorns" and "red birthday balloons" clearly meant to target children. The Post interviewed one of the launchers of these inflatable bombs, calling him a Palestinian "militant." Most in the civilized world would call him a child-murdering terrorist. The terrorist tells the Washington Post reporter, "We are not intending to kill children." What? Why, then, did the Post reporter not follow up with, "Then why are you sending bombs to them?" The Post used to be known for its investigative reporting. The follow-up question is a no-brainer to ask.

The terrorist additionally said, "Balloons are the best — they go further." And the Post reporter merely continued the interview amid such evil and sadism. How the Post is numb to this is incomprehensible to understand..............To Read More

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