Friday, March 6, 2020

Biden's a Hammer and Sickle Communist Just Like Crazy Bernie

By —— Bio and Archives--March 5, 2020

The results of super Tuesday came as no surprise. Everyone expected Crazy Bernie and Quid Pro Quo Joe to be the front runners. After all, they are the most qualified because both spent a lifetime tearing America down, and they are prepared to finish the job. And make no mistake, all Democrats are communists just like crazy Bernie. Bernie is nothing more than a spoiler candidate. He’s there to take votes from others, make quid pro quo Joe look moderate, and scare the hell out of freedom loving Americans.

 However, under Biden’s scatter-brained persona, he’s a hammer and sickle communist just like Bernie. The only difference between the two is that Bernie admits he’s a communist, and Biden pretends he’s not.

Furthermore, socialist Democrats and Republicans have haunted the halls of Congress their entire lives and did nothing for anyone other than themselves. They regularly pass unconstitutional legislation that harms America, and then they turn around and run for reelection on the promise of reversing the damage they did during their last term in office. That’s the game career politicians play, and that’s why they should be voted out of office—before they completely destroy America........To Read More....

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