Friday, March 13, 2020

NYT Op-Ed Writer: Yeah, I Made A 'Trivial' Math Mistake on MSNBC. Also, You're Racist For Noticing.

Matt Vespa Mar 12, 2020
Look, folks, I have white parents. That’s what my mom, a liberal Democrat mind you, would say jokingly as to why I, for lack of a better term, sucked at math. I’m a bad Asian. I don’t like math or science. Well, I like science—I’m fascinated by stuff that explodes—but I never excelled at it. None of the Vespa kids did well in math.
You could never even say that joke or even kid about Asians and math nowadays because the political correctness police would cancel you faster than you can say Gulag Archipelago. But I do know simple stuff like if there was $500 million in a pot distributed equally to 327 million people, the split is not…$1 million per person.

That’s what New York Times editorial member Mara Gay uttered on live television while being interviewed by MSNBC’s Brian Williams last week. Both were mocked and rightfully so. Now, Gay is out with a column saying how her people have been through worse than the Twitter mob or something. Also, you might be racist for noticing this error—typical (via NYT):................

These clowns cater to a snobby and condescending readership who love to wallow in their insufferable self-righteousness about believing in science when it comes to global warming but peddle tinfoil hat conspiracy theory nonsense about vaccines based on a debunked and outright trash study by Andrew Wakefield. They’re the philosopher-kings but can’t get basic math right. And that’s the point some made on Twitter that wasn’t vicious. It undercut the whole liberal argument for why they should be in charge of...anything. ...............Sidebar: Conservative women who are prolific on social media also get abysmal things hurled at them by progressive trolls as well, but no one really reports on it. I wonder why? ...........To Read More....

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