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Saturday, March 14, 2020

The International Criminal Court: Leftists Out of Control

By Rich Kozlovich

Today David Abrams posted the article, The International Criminal Court violates international law saying:
Is the International Criminal Court itself violating international law?  Should the International Criminal Court be designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization?  On its face, these appear to be radical and bold propositions, but in recent years, the ICC has crossed a significant line: the ICC is attempting to seize jurisdiction over all nations, not just those states that have subscribed to the ICC Treaty.  As set forth below, this self-aggrandizing behavior is more than the mission creep so typical of international organization.  Rather, it is an attack on basic principles of sovereignty and a violation of international law and by extension the laws of the United States......
There was fear this unaccountable court would become a tool of leftists and anti-Semites to attack Israel and the United States to promote antisemitic and leftist agendas.  They were right. The author goes on to say:
Twenty years later, those fears have come to fruition, with the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda seeking to establish jurisdiction over Israel for legitimate acts of self-defense.......... even though Israel never actually joined the ICC Treaty...............Similarly, the 1973 U.N. anti-terrorism convention prohibits any "attack" on the "person, freedom or dignity" of a head of state or other authorized representative of a state (3). It also prohibits threats and attempts to engage in such behavior (4). Thus, for example, if the International Criminal Court were to issue an arrest warrant for Bibi Netanyahu, it would be a clear violation of international laws against terrorism..........
I like the idea of declaring the ICC a terrorist organization, since in effect if they operate outside their legal jurisdiction and arrest anyone, they're kidnappers and by international definition, they're terrorists.

On March 7, 2020 I posted this article by Showdown Brews As U.N. Court Targets U.S. GIs . He went on to say:
An international prosecutor, Fatou Bensuda, was advised Thursday by a panel at Hague that she should go ahead and investigate alleged war crimes committed by Americans in Afghanistan. It’s a shocking development. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the International Criminal Court panel’s ruling “a truly breathtaking action by an unaccountable political institution masquerading as a legal body.” It is, but what to do? According to the Rome Statute, which governs the ICC — a global trial venue for war crimes and crimes against humanity — it has no jurisdiction over countries that have not joined its 123 member states. So non-members like America, Israel, China, Russia, and India are off limit. 
If these leftist loons should ever arrest and attempt to try any American with their scurrilous claims of criminal activity, the United States should issue international warrants for kidnapping for those who undertook to arrest and/or try any American, even if that arrest occurred on foreign soil.  They should also issue warrants for those who issued these illegal warrants, and any jurist of the ICC who was a party to this illegal activity.  Every one of them should be dealt with as criminals.

Furthermore, such an action on the part of the ICC should be considered a hostile act by the ICC as an act of terrorism against the government of the United States, and by any nation that hosts such a trial.  As for any prosecutor or judge involved in such a trial:  Their host nation should be aware that we will view it as a hostile act against the United States, and they were harboring criminals wanted by the United States. 

We should also make the world aware we would view such activity against any non-ICC member as a terrorist act. 

The first steps in correcting this massively illegal action would be to put an entire trade embargo on any nation that's a party to this in any way, not matter how small.   

In order for the embargo to be lifted, they must end their hostile actions, apologize to the world, assure the United States, and all nations who are not members of the ICC, that this was an illegal and hostile act, and that such an illegal hostile act will never occur again.  Then dutifully turn over any who were party to these acts of terrorism to the United States to face trial. Followed by substantial restitution.

The United States should also inform the United Nations they "must" support our position and publicaly condemn the ICC and any nation or persons party to these, which by their own definiton, are illegal actions, otherwise, we'll stop making our payments to the UN.

However, in order to really get their attention to let them know how serious an issue this is, behind the scenes someone should say to them:
Listen you arrogant snot nosed punks, if necessary, the Navy Seals, supported by a field battalion of United States Marines, will be more than happy to visit you in the middle of the night in order to release our people and potentially arrest the offending parties that can be found.  All of whom will be tried and found guilty in a military court, and they will be happy to slap the snot out of anyone who attempts to stop them.  
If you’re going to be the big kid on the block you have to smack someone once in a while. 

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