Friday, March 13, 2020

College Professor Who Had Swine Flu Notes Key Difference in Democrat-Media Complex's Hysteria Over Wuhan Virus

Matt Vespa Mar 11, 2020
Professor William Jacobson teaches at Cornell Law School. He runs the Legal Insurrection blog. It’s one of the many conservatives read daily. Among their many stories, these guys were the ones who filed a FOIA request about then-Meet the Press host David Gregory breaking the law by holding a so-called high-capacity magazine, which is illegal to own in Washington D.C., on live TV. The DC police actually wanted to arrest Gregory, but the D.C. attorney general blocked it because, for lack of a better term, David was a good guy. Yeah, two separate rules at play then as it’s played elsewhere when a Democrat breaks the rules to attack Republicans.
Yet, with Wuhan Virus being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the panic will increase. It’s ridiculous. Is Wuhan serious? Yes. It’s not the Spanish flu. It’s not even Swine Flu. Prof. Jacobson knows something about the latter; he was infected and survived. And he noted that the liberal media was just as horrific in their coverage then as they are now. They blamed the GOP, just like they do now with Trump and WuFlu. Jacobson noted that the only difference between the 2009 and 2020 coverage is that this is an election year now. And the liberal media is doing the best it can to make this into Trump’s (via Legal Insurrection):..........To Read More....


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