Friday, March 6, 2020

Dutiful Democrat candidates follow orders and self-terminate

March 5, 2020 By Frank Friday

You have to give them credit: the Democrat establishment has carefully cultivated and trained a massive welfare state clientele over the decades, and when the word goes out, boy, does everybody fall in line. This is true even when the designated candidate is the monumentally stupid and corrupt Joe Biden.

This constituency is composed most famously of the long-suffering poor black community — like the folks at the beck and call of Jim Clyburn in South Carolina. It includes lots of poor whites as well, the ones in the Yankee "opioid belt"; they keep places like New England and Minnesota voting blue. Then there are characters like Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete, who were on TV saying they were going to fight it out all the way to Milwaukee, until they got the phone call, and then they weren't.

Here in Kentucky, our primary is not for several months. But the orders came down here, too, as they did everywhere, to get behind Old Joe if you know what's good for you...........To Read More

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