Friday, March 27, 2020

The Plan

By Rich Kozlovich

Just like Stalin always had a five year plan to prevent starvation, so too must the Democrats have a plan to fix pandemics.  Don't they?

What would be in the Democrats plan?  Will it be the same plan they adopted when they did nothing regarding the pandemics during the Obama administration?  That was mostly doing nothing while talking big, which pleased the media to no end.

But, I’m sure they have a plan.  Maybe one just like Obamacare. That was the plan Nancy said had to be passed in order to see what’s in it.

Their pandemic prevention and reduction plan must be in the planning stages, and once the planning stage is complete, they will have some idea what can be done, or if anything should be done. Until then, the current plan is to attack Trump for doing something, undermine the nation’s economy, and refuse to agree to anything unless their left wing agenda is adopted.

However, once the plan is in print, they can promote the plan. A plan based on science. It will fix global warming, it will ensure abortion on demand, it will give billions to their followers, it will be a multilateral, multigenerational, multigender, multicultural, race based plan.

Do you like some of the things Trump is doing? That’s okay, since they will say they will do those things also, but they’re going to change those things and do them better. Or, maybe nothing at all. Especially if actually doing something puts the nation back to work without nationalizing America’s businesses.

How will they do that? That’s being planned by brilliant minds. It’s ever evolving, ever changing, fully attuned to the latest philosophical flavor of the day in order to please everyone, and most importantly, to please the most radical party members, assuring Democrat party rule.

Their own Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, will keep you all updated, on the Black Plague, or whatever the current crisis is. Really, he’s right on top of this.  Joe knows all of this is because of Global Warming, fracking, anti-abortionists, racism, homophobia, immigration and not enough taxes and regulations.

They will do more, much more, with much more, even if it means doing nothing. But make no mistake about this. The plan cares about the average American. Of course, just because Stalin’s plans starved tens of millions of Russians to death doesn’t mean the Democrat plan will be that bad.

You know how much they care about the American people

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