Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A student loan proposal Democrats should support

March 10, 2020 By Kelly Haughton

Many people who have gone to college have taken out loans to help them pay for these educational services. This program has benefited multi-billion-dollar institutions like Harvard and Yale, as well as those administrators getting paid million-dollar-per-year salaries. To top it all off, these massive institutions get tax-exempt status and billions of dollars of grants.

We need to get this process under control. Some changes to federal tax law, student loan rules, and the federal grant-giving process will do the trick.........To Read More.... 

My Take - Other than taxing these outrageous endowment funds the rest of the suggestions won't work.  These schemers and their allies will find ways around the rules.  The answer is to end all funding of all institutions of higher learning and end all student loan programs sponsored by the goverment.  They must be made to be "for profit private institutions" and treated and taxed just like all other businesses.

See my article: Education in America Has Become a Snare and a Racket: Part V and my complete file on

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