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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why are People Drinking AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Social Justice Kool-Aid?


These so called Social Justice Warriors pander to the public as though their idea of right and wrong and WHO is right and wronged in America is theirs to decide.

So what is “social justice” anyway? It has been defined as a concept of a fair and just relationship between an individual and society. It discusses the redistribution of wealth, opportunity and social privileges. People are to give to society and society gives back. People are expected to pay taxes, and to receive public services. Social Justice in this version is you put in and you get back.
The social justice version being pushed on America today has expanded the meaning to be⏤you put in, and those who don’t put in⏤receive the benefits.
To my mind, there is so much more to social justice and social injustice. Justice is economic, criminal and social. Making things equal under the law is different than making things equal under some notion that uses justifiers such as race, or sexual orientation, gender, poverty or wealth. 

The progressive left social justice warriors would take income earned by those who work for that income and redistribute it to everyone less economically viable. It matters not if they work or choose not to. It matters not how much they give to the economic engine of America that allows us to live the American dream if we choose to. They can take from those who do the heavy lifting.........To Read More.....

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