Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why Are Jews Democrats?

By Rich Kozlovich

Over the course of my life I've heard over and over again Jews are the smartest people on the planet.  Racially, Eastern Orientals consistently score the highest on I.Q. tests, with European whites second and blacks everywhere scoring at the bottom, even when the tests were re-written to accommodate speech patterns favorable to blacks, orientals still scored at the top, and presumably this was a third language for them. 

But ethnically I believe Jews probably score consistently as the highest, and when you look at the number of Nobel Prizes handed out since 1969 "over 21.264% - were Jewish or people of Jewish descent, although Jews and people of Jewish descent comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population (or 1 in every 500 people)", you could easily come to the conclusion they are the smartest, whether it's true or not. But when considering Jews have prospered, thrived and contributed positively and heavily in every culture they've existed in for centuries, there must be something to that.

So assuming they are the smartest people on the planet - why are the smartest people on the planet Democrats? An article by  (@anna_giaritelli) appeared in the Washington Examiner online with a video entitled, "Watch: Curt Schilling asks how Jews can be Democrats".

She goes on to say in the article:
"Retired Boston Red Sox pitcher and potential Massachusetts Senate candidate Curt Schilling asked on CNN Friday how people "I would like to ask you something as a person who is practicing the Jewish faith and have since you were young," Schilling began. "I don't understand, maybe this is the amateur, nonpolitician in me, I don't understand how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic Party, which over the last 50 years have been so clearly anti-Israel."CNN host Jake Tapper said it might have something to do with the social programs they support."
One of my favorite restaurants is in Beachwood, Ohio, "Yours Truly", (which has been closed for remodeling....which seems to be taking months and months).  I used to have breakfast with a car salesman who was Jewish.....and an conservative Republican......and we talked quietly about this very thing.....even his family are liberal Democrats.

Beachwood's demographic is heavily Jewish, heavily liberal, and Democrats, including many of my accounts.  They know my conservative views and we still get along and do business, and I think they like me and I certainly like them. At my age (70) liking my customers and having them like me has become as important - maybe more so - than the money.  I think we get along because they know I read a lot of history, read about everything and write intelligently about all of it. I'm always prepared to follow the facts wherever they lead. And they all know that.

As we've had our breakfasts we've discussed this liberal bent in the Jewish community and their penchant for voting for people they would consider vile in their own lives, and Hillary would be one of them.  What conclusions have we come to as to why that is?  We were usually clueless, but I think I have the answer!

I've always been amazed at how so many people  - really smart people - can live and practice lives which can only be considered conservative and traditional - raising their children with those same values - and be liberal Democrats. Not Classical Liberals, which would more clearly be depicted by modern Republicans, but leftist liberals, as in socialists, who've been notoriously anti-Semitic.

When Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson were running for the Presidency it was Eisenhower who was absolutely pro Israel. Stevenson was at best only lukewarm.  American Jews supported Stevenson.  Why?

The Democratic party has been so amazingly anti-Semitic over recent years, and still have Jewish support except in the heart of New York City.  Surprised?  "In metropolitan New York, however, only 55 percent of Jews say they lean Democratic and 31 percent lean Republican. That’s largely because of New York’s large Orthodox population, which is more Republican than the rest of the Jewish community. Nationally, about 58 percent of haredi Orthodox and 56 percent of modern Orthodox Jews identify as Republican, compared to 27 percent of Conservative Jews and 17 percent of Reform Jews, according to the Pew Research Center’s 2013 survey of U.S. Jews."

It's clear to the most casual observer Obama is in no way a friend of Israel - nor it seems to me Jews in general - and it appears to me the same can be said of Hillary. So why are Jews Democrats? Social programs?

That sounds nice, but those programs have been notoriously expensive failures.  Poverty has only improved by marginal numbers since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs began, and now we will be 20 trillion dollars in debt as a result.  Blacks now have a 70% to 75% illegitimacy rate and black crime and imprisonment has skyrocketed.  That's a massive level of failure and the part on liberals and Democrats.   Do American Jews know this?  How can the smartest people on the planet not know it?  So then - why are Jews members of the Democratic Party - the party most visably responsible for that failure?  I think it's a matter of faith as in religious fervor. 

There was an article I came across entitled, “Many atheist scientists take their kids to church”! The article went on to say; “about one in five atheist scientists with children involve their families with religious institutions even if they do not agree with the teachings, according to a study done by Rice University and the University at Buffalo.” The article pointed out “The findings surrounding atheists shouldn't be too surprising, since the Pew Forum Religious Survey taken back in 2008 that showed 21 percent of self-described atheists responded that they believe in God.”

Does everyone really find this to be all that extraordinary? Anthropologists have noted that in every culture in the world, and in all of human history, religion has played an important role in people’s lives. There was one prominent atheist, Antony Flew who claimed at the end of his life he was now a believer. Why? Is it true‘ there are no atheists in foxholes’? Of course the explanation was that he had lost his mind; yet even Albert Einstein, who was not a religious person in any sense, had absolutely rejected the idea of a personal God, rejected the idea of atheism.

For the believers among my readers the explanation is simple; we are designed to believe. For the unbelievers among my readers the explanation is simple also. There is no other logical explanation! 

One of the things that's clear is those within the Jewish community who are the most liberal and most ardent members of the Democrats are the least involved religiously, but the desire to "believe" remains.

Virtually everything the Democratic Party stands for is antithetical to Judaic principles.  I've concluded these secular Jews have substituted leftism for Judaism as their faith of choice, and no matter what course the party might take they feel it's an act of heresy to vote otherwise.  That is in my opinion why Jews are Democrats.  It's a secular faith based initiative for Jews.

The real question that stumps me beyond understanding is why are Catholics, practicing Catholics, Democrats?  Abortion, and especially unrestricted abortion, and gay marriage are part of the Democratic Party Platform - both condemned by the Catholic church - doesn't that make them heretics?    That's the question I would really like to see answered!

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