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Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Election is not Moonbeams and Rainbows. It’s ‘The Godfather’

By Tad Cronn October 27, 2016

The racist little snowflakes at the University of California are back at it, demanding “safe spaces of color” for those who just can’t abide white people.

To make their point obvious — other than the one on top of their heads, that is — the little brats decided to disrupt the campus at UC Berkeley, beginning last Friday, by blocking a major foot bridge and only allowing non-whites to pass. White students and visitors were intimidated by the crowd and forced to walk down a gully, cross the stream, then climb back up the other side.

Later, the protesters went to harass people at a student store and the Student Union.  One female protester yelled through a loudspeaker, “Berkeley, why the f*** do you let UCPD do whatever they want with our bodies? I’m talking to you UCPD. I don’t give a f*** about you!”......To Read More...

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