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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Observations From the Back Row

By Rich Kozlovich

I subscribe to Johan Goldberg's weekly newsletter G-File (You can subscribe here.  It's free) because I've been reading his stuff ever since I read his book,  Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change, which I thought was brilliant.  But I found his G-File a bit different.  He has a lot of insights to offer so I find his comments are worth reading, but I have to say, I think he a bit wierd. At any rate he made some cogent observations on Friday's newsletter saying:

"It used to be a vicious slander to suggest that Democrats were socialists in disguise. But we spent the last year watching Democrats fall all over themselves to insist there’s no meaningful distinction between them and their socialist brethren."

I got a chuckle out of that because just a few years ago the mainstream media would have gone ballistic over that.  But now.....they embrace it as much as do the Democrats.  When Jack Kennedy was running for President of the United States his candidacy would fried if this became publically accepted ......and now..... Bernie Sanders, an open socialist, is embraced and loved by millions of Democrats, especially young educated Democrats.....and it seems some Republicans.  

What conclusions can be drawn from that?  It appears no one reads history books any longer, and public education along with "higher" education is in the midst of rewriting history and ignoring any events that don't enhance leftist narratives.  What's worse - they're not even paying attention to current events  - Venezuela Is No Longer a Democracy.

Which of course bring us to this:  What will Trump do as President?  Who knows, but we do know what Hillary will do.  As Joseph Farah makes clear in this article,  Hillary hates America and Americans, whatever she does it will not bode well for America. 

Hillary Clinton’s 38-Year History of Sleaze and Corruption is so well recorded and so ignored it seems hardly possible this can't be a conspiracy - but it's a vast left wing conspiracy by Democrats and the propaganda arm of their party - the mainstream media which practices Distract, Deny, and Lie: The Liberal Media Strategy to Stealing an Election, all the while sociopathologicaly transferring their own guilt by accusing conservatives of doing the very things of which they really are guilty.

And the Clinton crowd is activly involved in all this voter fraaud as an Undercover Video Proves Hillary Clinton and Democrat Leaders “Personally” Involved in Election Fraud! All in support of a woman who clearly must have emotional problems.  Hillary’s rages at all those around her and Hillary F. Clinton Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe.  What's wrong with the minds of her supporters?  Hillary is Such a Nasty Marxist.

If this issue of an FBI investigation had been brought up in days gone by her run for the Presidency would have been finished and she would have been in indicted, and that would include the corruption surrounding the Clinton Foundation.  Now it appears this thing is so deep the FBI is Reopening Clinton Email Case!  Even leftist Camille Paglia says ‘The woman is a disaster! And Comey will once again be under the microscrope. Reopening Email Investigation Stain on Clinton AND Comey.

I think it's reasonable to believe we can be sure if she takes power the left will start attacking Christianity with gusto, and they will use the instruments of state power to do it, and I believe she will win because fraud in the process will so massive Trump can't win.  A Rigged Election: How the Left Blatantly Violates Election Law, and Voting shenanigans in almost all swing states, and it appears there's actual tampering at the voting stations - Shock Reports of Votes being changed from Trump to Clinton.
In this article, Pastors, they're coming after you!, we see an attitude by local governments that's becoming wide spread, and should make everyone concerned, whether or not one is religious.  But never fear: Since it appears the need to "believe" has a genetic component to it the left will not leave society without a "religion" to believe in and follow.  It's called the Church of Perpetual Grievance, and feminism is one of the influential orders of that church.   Patrice Lewis explains in her article,  'Science is hard, Barbie' why this "secular religious order" is just another leftist scam.

But it isn't just religion these corrupt official will be attacking with the instruments of state power.  This article, with my comments, High-dollar Paxton prosecution puts Collin County judge on hot seat, demonstrates the depth of corruption of these prosecutors. 

Another powerful order in this secular religious movement are the green groups, and there's only one letter difference being "green" and "greed", and being a big time capitalist doesn't mean being conservative, as is noted by Paul Driesson in, Billionaire crony corporatist schemes.  

Environmentalism is nothing short of a fascist religious movement imposing it's will on everyone, Without Consent!  This Week in Ridiculous Regulations and the level and insanity of federal regulations under Clinton will get worse. 

Hillary will support all they love and embrace no matter how vile and terrible the consequences may be to society.  As James Dillingpole writes: Rachel Carson, environmentalism's answer to Pol Pot.  Hillary will continue this pattern, as all leftists in power have done since the French Revolution. We know DDT  is a Case Study in Scientific Fraud, and Baby Boomers are Living Proof That Pesticides Are Safe , but Hillary and a corrupt EPA will continue down this path to destroy pesticide use in this nation, and the reason we're suffering from this plague of bed bugs.

Ron Arnold shows how and why it's "Hillary’s Secret Plan to Attack Climate Skeptics, as was exposed by Wikileaks, and how well funded the green movement really is - and how well disguised that funding can be.

Israel will not fare well if Hillary's elected, as it appears she shares Obama's views on Israel, and Jews, and will seemingly support the Muslim led U.N. initiatives from UNESCO.Which of course brings me to the question: Don't these people see and fear the national Suicide of Western Nations Allowing Themselves to be Taken Over by Muslim Invaders?

It's gotten so bad Swedish Seniors are Kicked Out of Retirement Home to Make Way for Muslim Migrants and there are now Muslim No Go Zones in Europe, when will we start having them here? And make no mistake about this - Muslim Refugees in Europe Cheer ISIS Attacks for a reason.  It's part and parcel of Islam - it's who they are and that's not going to change.  Liberal Jews have to teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses.  So Why Are Jews Democrats?

And since the platform of the Democratic Party supports abortion and gay marriage, which are condemned by the Catholic Church I would really like to know why Catholics are Democrats.  Seems a bit heretical to me.  Don't you think?

The Obama administration, and I include Hillary in all of this, has been ....well..... stupid! The nation really avoided a bullet when Mr. Kerry, who lives in Wonderland wasn't chosen to be President of the U.S.   Then we have Loretta Lynch 'Pleads Fifth' on Secret Iran 'Ransom' Payments.  All the while CAIR Says Talking About Islamic Terror is Islamophobic, hoping to prevent anyone from criticizing all the insanity promoted by the world's leftist leaders creating a Crisis of a Nation Divided because all these insane leftist concepts have proven disastrous everywhere in the world. 

As for racial issues under the Obama years - no one mentions The 131 Black Men Murdered by Black Lives Matter  because that would be 'racist'.  Yet black youths are running amok among civilized people as a Philadelphia flash mob turns violent, Temple University students beaten up,  and neither Obama, Loretta Lynch, or that racist Eric Holder, have said anything.  And of all people - Colin Powell has come out in support of Hillary in spite of the fact Hillary Clinton's 'People Have Been Trying to Pin' Email Scandal on Him. 

So the question we should be asking about Powell is this.  Is he stupid, insane or cowardly.....or all three!  Having once been a hero doesn't give you a pass of the rest of life....and he's used up all of his passes. 

I would love to see his views on one of the greatest jurists to sit on the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas Who Is Building a Majority By Dissent.  I notice neither he or Obama, Lynch, Holder, the Black Congressional Caucus or any of these so-called black leaders have said one word in Thomas' favor.  Well, maybe that's because he's not a thug like Trayvon Martin, who Obama likened as a son. 

Leftism is irrational misanthropic and morally defective - Death with dignity? European countries are now euthanizing the mentally ill.    And one thing we had better understand....the bill for all this leftist insanity is coming due in this next administration, including the Pension Debt Hurricane That Will Swamp Taxpayers

Well, that's my observations from the back row for this week.  Does anyone besides me think we've lost our minds and this is all so frightening?  I hope so!

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