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Sunday, October 30, 2016

'Science is hard, Barbie'

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Amidst the comical shenanigans we all find amusing with social justice warriors, gender-fluidists, cultural appropriationists and other scions of an enlightened age, one stands out as particularly comical: feminist biologists.

As a former biologist myself, I find this concept fascinating. What, you may legitimately ask, is “feminist” biology? According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (quoted on Wikipedia), “Feminist biology is an approach to biology that is concerned with the influence of gender values, the removal of gender bias, and the understanding of the overall role of social values in biological research and practices.”

This may be one definition dressed up in fine linen, but getting down to brass tacks, you’ll find “feminist biology” is yet another way of extracting money from the government to discover victimhood where there wasn’t any before.......... Read more

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