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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

CAIR Says Talking About Islamic Terror is Islamophobic

Daniel Greenfield

There's something about the devil's greatest trick being convincing the world that CAIR didn't exist. Never mind, it's probably Islamophobic. Mentioning Islamic terror at all is Islamophobic. Ducking for cover when a Muslim terrorist un-Islamically shouts Allahu Akbar while opening fire is really Islamophobic........That's crazy. How can anyone possibly associate Islamic terrorists with terror? Haven't we learned better by now. Islam hasn't a thing to do with terror. Just ask the dead of every Islamic terror attack in the last two decades. And the terrorists carrying them out for Allah.
But here we see the CAIR agenda. Once you forbid people from mentioning Islamic terror, then we can't even discuss the existence of the problem.......To Read More.....

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