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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clarence Thomas Is Building a Majority By Dissent

And Jeffrey Toobin marks a quarter-century of loathing the Supreme Court justice.

By Adam J. White

Clarence Thomas has been on the Supreme Court for a quarter-century. And Jeffrey Toobin has loathed him for nearly all twenty-five of those years. For more than two decades, the New Yorker author and CNN pundit has written of Thomas time and time again in only the most contemptuous terms.

In 1993, just three years into Justice Thomas’s tenure on the Court, Toobin wrote that "his jurisprudence seems guided to an unusual degree by raw anger." Thomas's "objective," Toobin asserted, may be to devote "every vote—even his every public utterance, written or spoken—[to] outrage the liberal establishment that so venerated [Thurgood] Marshall"; to "utilize the Supreme Court itself" to "strik[e] back at his liberal critics." And he accused the young justice of being effectively incompetent, calling him "more than usually dependent on his clerks."....... Toobin has poured bile on Justice Thomas over and over again........Toobin also likes to criticize Justice Thomas's wife, Ginni Thomas........I doubt that Justice Thomas cares either way. He isn't writing to impress journalists and pundits, not even Jeffrey Toobin.......To Read More....

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