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Friday, October 28, 2016

Pay-to-Play Revisited: Leaked Emails show Hillary Team Planning to Trade Executive Orders for Donations?

By Tim Brown

Well, we know Hillary Clinton is about as corrupt as they come. We know she is lawless. Now, we see from a thread of emails leaked by Wikileaks that it appears that she is willing to sign illegal executive orders for her donors.  These particular emails were between her campaign chairman John Podesta and Mary Pat Bonner, who is a “donor adviser.”  Who is Mary Pat Bonner, you ask? According to the New York Times:.........The entire pay-for-play schemes that have been uncovered in previous email leaks are now demonstrating Hillary Clinton is completely ok with selling illegal executive orders that bypass the constitutional process of congressional legislation in order to please her donors. Take a look at Podesta’s response.........To Read More....

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