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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Death Panels Are Here, They’re Just Not Called That

Stephen Kruiser

Way back in 2010, anyone opposed to any portion of the looming nightmare called Obamacare, those of us who were opposed to it for a variety of reasons were regularly ridiculed and called liars for pointing out any number of inevitable problems with the law. We were told by the Democrats and their faithful lapdogs in the press that the law would in no way raise premiums.

We all know how that turned out.

Another frequent point of contention was the rationing of health care that any sane person knew was coming. The left seized on Sarah Palin’s “death panels” comment and proceeded to use only semantics to counter anyone who said rationing was bound to happen. They’d gleefully point out that nowhere in the law did the phrase “death panels” occur, so (in their minds) that meant they’d never happen.

Ignorance…bliss, you know the drill.

If you have argued with leftists even a few times, you are probably familiar with this common literal semantics ploy. They will lock onto a word, and try to make the argument all about that, generally because they have no logical defense for the larger issue.

The insurance company people who make rules for what is and is not going to be covered may not call themselves “panels” but they’re doing everything the Obamacare naysayers said they would be doing. ...........To Read More.....

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