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Friday, October 28, 2016

Public Faith in Elections Falls as the State Grows

Faith in the voting process has weakened because voters are increasingly fearful of what an electoral loss might bring.........In the wake of the final presidential election debate last week, the mainstream media was appalled that Donald Trump would not pre-emptively agree to not contest the outcome of the election. Trump's position reflects a growing faction of Americans who doubt the integrity and honesty of the American electoral system. In response, mainstream media sources have responded by vehemently insisting that "rigged" elections are "a myth."......

If there appears to be any "irregularities" in the vote, well, those should just be ignored because it would "tear the country apart" to "drag out" the election. If half the country feels it's been cheated, well, tough luck and better luck next time. ........

This model can only work indefinitely under certain specific conditions........the stakes are now reaching the point where an attitude of "better luck next time" doesn't cut it. ..........the pundits and government class will tell us that everyone must double down on democracy, and that elections — specifically federal ones —are sacred rituals never to be questioned. .........

So long as elections are increasingly perceived to be referenda on which side shall use the power of the state to crush the other side, faith in the electoral system will erode, and the potential for real violence will increase. .......Read more

My Take - America has become composed of so many diverse ethnic and socioeconomic groups that the American culture is decomposing.  In this country before the violence really breaks out between the conservative elements and leftist elements of America there will an effort to fix these problems with an Article V Convention. 

If that doesn't work, violence will break out. 

If the economy crashes - which I believe we will see a worldwide economic crash within five years - there will be violence on levels as we have never seen.  Not only will we see a civil war in Europe, we'll see a Balkanization of America between racial and ethnic groups, religious groups and regional groups.    That's a frightening thought.....but a legitimate one to be concerned about, especially since the only country that's really capable of pulling itself up out of the coming economic abyss is America - but only if the American culture that made this country successful and great is restored, and leftism - in all of it's manifestations such as environmentalism - is not part of the success of that American culture - it's the problem.

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