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Friday, October 28, 2016

Shining a Light On AMA's Dim View of Led Street Lamps

By Erik Lief

Small towns and big cities across America are replacing overhead streetlight bulbs with brighter, longer-lasting versions. Embraced by communities mostly as a money-saving measure, the move can also deliver added quality-of-life benefits, in some cases even deterring crime by illuminating areas of town that were once poorly lit.

However, the American Medical Association is seeing the switch in a whole different light, even raising some health concerns that it's calling potentially "harmful." But to us, those concerns seem baffling and somewhat overblown, because when the AMA's policy statement is examined it's hard to discern what its concern is all about...... Read more

My Take - You may wish to read the comments to see why every new development becomes an issue, whether is or not.  This is another one of those issues that will take time to sort out, but I keep coming back to what I consider important points in all of these kinds of issues. 
  • Are we living longer healthier lives than ever before?  Apparently we are! 
  • Do we really have any idea what really triggers diabetes, especially type 2, which I have?  Apparently we don't! 
  • Do we know for sure what the biological mechanism LED lighting triggers to cause these ailments.  Apparently we're not sure!
  • Can LED lighting cause so many different ailments?  Apparently that's what we're expected to believe.
  • How can LED lighting trigger so many different biological mechanisms to cause so many different ailments?  Apparently no one knows.
  • Are so many of these kinds of claims speculation or science?  Apparently speculation is the grease that makes media science go.
As I said - this will take time to sort out, but with activists time, science, facts and reality are inmmaterial.  The glyphosate issue is another example of that! 

As for why Americans can't sleep - I'm one of them.  I'm 70 years old, and old people don't sleep well, ask my mother who's 91.  The baby boomer generation has been entering that old age arena - and they don't sleep well as a result - and that's a massive population. 

The world is a mess, the economy is a mess, our social strata is erupting to the point no one feels safe.  Talk about stress!  Is it possible all these problems are stress related?  I don't know, but over the years I've read articles claiming stress causes ..... well..... everything.  Let's not get carried away until time sorts this out and eliminates all this speculation and these correlation is causation fallacies.  Show me the biological mechanism that makes it happen and we will be on the same side. 

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