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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pastors, they're coming after you!

Michael Brown

In fact, it sounds like a “shock” headline designed to get your attention.  Who, after all, is this ambiguous “they” I’m referring to, and why are “they” coming after “you” – referring obviously to Christian leaders? And what, pray tell, are “they” coming to do to “you”?  So I’ll admit it. I did come up with the title of this article for shock value, but the fact is, you need to be shocked.  In other words, the title may be sensational, but it is only sensational because it is true.

Consider this Oct. 26 headline on Fox News: “State of Georgia demands pastor turn over sermons.”
Yes, “A lay minister who is suing the Georgia Department of Public Health for religious discrimination has been ordered by the state’s attorney general to relinquish his sermons to the government, according to federal court documents.”.........Read more

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