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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

There Are No Muslim No Go Zones in Europe

Daniel Greenfield    

An urgent dispatch from the Swedish-Iraqi Minister of Information. It's all in your head. Malmo is as safe as houses. Do you have any no go zones? We have no no go zones!.........Malmo is just fine. Just fine. ISIS attacks happen there without anyone noticing. And Malmo becoming a no go zone for Jews has been reported by such notorious right-wing racist outlets as The Atlantic and Newsweek, No go zones? Absurd. That must be why the Jews fled Malmo. Because it's a lovely diverse place that people who aren't reading the Koran are careful about setting foot into.  But No Go Zone? Don't be silly. There are no no go zones in Sweden. Just zones you don't go into.....To Read More....

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