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Monday, October 31, 2016

Bungle in France's Refugee Jungle

France tries once again to clear away its refugee problem

Christopher Caldwell

French authorities spent this week razing the notorious Jungle migrant camp, which THE WEEKLY STANDARD visited last winter. The Jungle was a shocking place. What made it unusual in the recent history of European migration is that it resulted from an actual obstacle being placed in migrants' way. The obstacle was the English Channel. Whether migrants had been told (correctly) that England is a good place to work illegally, or whether they had girlfriends or relatives to join there, they wouldn't compromise on their dream of getting there.

They refused to just disappear into the world of hostels and soup kitchens and dishwashing jobs in the nearest big city. They stayed put in a place that was not prepared to receive them. They built an eyesore. They attacked the 18-wheel trucks slowing to carry freight through the Channel Tunnel to Britain. They became the occasion of foul-mouthed videos by Eastern European truck drivers. Worst of all, they became an embarrassment for politicians......To Read More....  

My Take - These European "leaders" and those in America who are so hot to accept these Muslim "refugees" are setting the table for disaster and violence.  Refugees never leave, and when they're here permanently they're not going to assimilate because they're Muslims and Muslims force change through any means they think will work, including violence, and especially violence.  That's history and that history is incontestable. 

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