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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary’s rages

By James Lewis

The United States cannot afford a president subject to fits of irrational rage.  Yet that is a serious possibility, given what we can reasonably infer about the health of Hillary Clinton.  Dr. Ted Noel's diagnostic talks (here, here, and here) about Hillary Clinton's many signs of Parkinson's Disease (P.D.) make a convincing case, to me, at least, that she has moderately advanced P.D., though most M.D.s would want to examine her personally, get access to her X-rays and CAT scans, medication list, blood tests, and all the rest.  We will never get that information from the Hillary camp, which is bound and determined to catapult Hillary over the last few weeks into the presidency, and let the country be damned.....

Hillary's behavior is consistent, however, with bouts of rage, which have been reported by inside sources for many years.  Reasonably normal politicians show anger and rage when they miss the Big Prize, but it is not irrational rage.  Normal anger and rage have plausible reasons.  Irrational rage does not. ........ Much More

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