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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Such a Nasty Marxist


Nothing outrages Progressives more than the truth. Predictably, then, when Donald Trump voiced the undeniable fact that Hitlary Clinton is “such a nasty woman,” the mindless masses howled with fury.

I am no Trumpette. Nor did I watch any of the debates, including the last one with Mr. T’s comment. So I was incredulous as I scanned the headlines the next morning that those four words had earned The Donald yet another stoning from the corporate media and the aforementioned masses. What is so inherently “sexist,” so patently worthy of excoriation, in the phrase, “nasty woman”? If you’re as unfortunate as I, you’ve known plenty of nasty people, some of them male; nastiness is hardly exclusive to women. Indeed, Ed Koch, one of New York City’s former führers, called Rudy Giuliani, another former führer, a Nasty Man. In print, no less.

Recall, too, that Hitlary hasn’t exactly hidden her nastiness during four decades of sponging off us......No need to rehearse the infamous and numbingly extensive evidence for said nastiness: the volcanic tantrums Shrillary has unleashed on numerous victims, whether her spouse or underlings; her “proud stan[ce]” with the ghoulish butchers of Planned Parenthood; her contempt for the women her husband has raped as well as for all who loathe a totalitarian State. Far from castigating The Donald for noting such vileness, Clintonistas should appreciate his restraint: he might have chosen far more pejorative terms for Killary, several of them vulgar..........To Read More....

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