Monday, October 24, 2016

Liberal Jews teach their kids to deal with anti-Semitism on liberal campuses

by Paul Mirengoff in Anti-Semitism, Higher education, Leftism

Recently I learned that my Jewish congregation is providing training for college age congregants on how to deal with anti-Semitism on campus. That’s how bad things have gotten.  I wonder whether the sad irony of the situation has registered with the congregation, the vast majority of whose members are leftists. Anti-Semitism is so rampant at America’s colleges and universities that teenage Jews need special training before entering this bastion of leftism.

During the High Holidays, I heard congregants moan at the mention of Donald Trump. That’s understandable; I had to suppress a moan myself (though not because Trump is at all anti-Semitic). But many of these same liberals found Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan chilling (though some will no longer admit it). As for George W. Bush, he was evil incarnate for many a Jewish liberal of my acquaintance.

Yet, it is the playground of the leftist social justice warriors — with whom many of my fellow congregants strongly associate — that produces the anti-Semitism my synagogue feels it must counter. The conservative ethos does not prevail on campus; nor is it anti-Semitic. ......To Read More....

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